redbubble art iconMany artists around the world are utilizing Redbubble as a means of selling art through prints and other products. I first joined about a month ago, and have found the community there very friendly and encouraging.

Redbubble is quite similar to Fine Art America in that they are a print on demand service, and have much of the same features.  They do offer a much wider range of products for the selling of art through prints though.



Artworks can be transferred to t-shirts, greeting cards, stickers, iPod cases, post cards, posters, calendars, and kids clothing. Art related products include photographic prints and canvas prints. Prints may also be matted, mounted, and framed.

I have highlighted a few of the main features of Red bubble, and how to effectively use this online gallery for art promotion and selling art.


Setting up a Redbubble Profile


redbubble artistsRedbubble Login

Join Red bubble through this link as well. Here are a few things to focus on when filling out your profile.

  1. Complete the public profile with an artist statement or brief introductory message. An art website may be included.

    A link is placed in this format:

    "Graham Matthews Art":

    Fill in the sections in blue with your own website information.
    For more formatting help, click the link at the bottom of that box.

  2. Short Bio

    The short bio appears beneath each artwork which the artist uploads to Red bubble. Include a much shorter message than what was entered on the previous public profile. A link to an art website may be included here as well. Include this URL in the same format as explained above.

  3. Copyright Preferences

    Include your full name, and the url for your personal art site, instead of the Red bubble profile link that is already there.

  4. Protect your art

    Redbubble includes options for watermarking images, as well as right-click prevention, to discourage downloading.

  5. Include an avatar

    If you have one already, add the same image. This may be an artwork, logo, or picture of yourself. 

  6. Paypal Account

    Enter your Paypal account email. Payments may also be made through cheque or bank transfer (only available for bank accounts from Australia). Payments normally go out the second week of a month, and only if earnings are over $20 (in the chosen currency).

  7. Edit Redbubble tax information

    This is a requirement, in order to get paid from Redbubble. Fill out the short form here.


10 Tips for Successfully Selling Art at Red Bubble



rebubble sell artThese tips for success through Redbubble may apply to any similar print on demand service, such as Fine Art America.

  1. Share the artwork at social networks and bookmarking services. Click the share button to send it to Stumbleupon, Digg, Blogger, Tumblr, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, give it a tweet, FB like, and a Google plus one. Do this regularly, maybe once a week.

  2. Connect with Facebook
    Every time an artwork is added to Redbubble, a notification automatically sends to your Facebook timeline

  3. Explore Redbubble, and leave comments on other people’s art. Also, favorite and share the artworks you like.

  4. Take part in discussions at Red bubble forums and submit to challenges.

  5. Use a few relevant tags to help others find your art while searching.

  6. Join Redbubble groups and send art there regularly.

  7. Redbubble Promo Tools

    rebubble sales widgetRed bubble offers a few promotional tools, which may be found by clicking here.

    Create a slideshow of your Redbubble art and display it on a website or blog.
    Sales widget
    Includes a slideshow along with prices.
    Displays 3 images from your Redbubble gallery.

  8. Buy your own art
    Purchase samples from Redbubble to show off to others who are interested in buying a print, or other item.

  9. Create journal entries
    Touch People with your Art - Click Here!Redbubble members can post updates of art gallery shows, information about new artworks, and short art blog excerpts. If including a short teaser excerpt, include a link to the full post at the artblog or website.

  10. Redbubble coupon codes
    I could not find a way to get a promotional code from Redbubble, although I have seen others offering discount codes. If you know how this is done, please let us know.


Do you have a Redbubble profile?

Please post it below along with your opinions.

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  1. I just wanted to say thank you for your informative articles. I really appreciate the insight and guidance tools you are providing artists. It helps to make it not seem so huge and overwhelming.

  2. I live in the UK can I also join Redbubble or is it only for American based artists?

  3. @Samar
    Redbubble is international and is actually based in Australia. So you can join...

    You are free to post your Redbubble portfolio here after joining.

  4. @Rhonda
    Thanks Rhonda! Love the artwork! Are you having any success with Redbubble?

  5. For the coupon codes, they will send out a newsletter stating a sale with codes.

  6. @bigdeals
    Love the art... especially the classic cars!

  7. Hi Saleire.. there is a Google plus button on Redbubble already.. you may find it at the right of an individual artwork, under the sharing section.

  8. I have been part of the redbubble community for about 2 years now and I love it. It is a great way to connect with other artists.
    To view my artwork at redbubble please click on the link below. Have a great day. Pam :)

  9. Hi! I've been on redbubble since 2007, I love connecting with other artists and getting their feedback on my work as I am only an amateur photographer!
    Here is a link to my profile

  10. I enjoy working on RB for some time, and I like very much the 'openness' and friendly atmosphere of this community. Found very good clients within a short period of time. Of course it takes time to get noticed, especially while you starting, but the instruments given by RB are useful and help a lot.
    Pls visit my portfolio on


  11. useful information! i want to know where can i find those coupon code too! i find some at internet, but i don't know is it really available... here is my redbubble page, feel free to visit and leave your comment~

  12. Thanks for the tips! I'm just starting out on Redbubble but I hope to go far with enough support.

  13. Thanks heaps for your post. I just made my products to public last night. So new to Redbubble. Feel free to visit my shop and add simplicity to your home.

  14. Great tips! Thank you.

    Please visit my shop. :)

  15. I'm new at redbubble, thanks for the tips :)
    please check out my shop too :)


  17. Just joined and I love to share my art! www.redbubble/people/maddym Drop by to see some great fashion illustration!

  18. I have been selling through Zazzle, but dont like their webpage. Does Redbubble have a code to paste on one owns blog like zazzle? I cant seem to find it. [-(

  19. This was very helpful and glad i found this post.

  20. Thank you for the tips!

    Here is my Redbubble shop:

  21. Love the tips, been there hal year now:

    enjoy :)

  22. I would stay away from RedBubble. All you need to do is look at the mostly all bad reviews. They have created a phony Customer Service site, to detour people who have complaints from, having been charged several times on credit card, they didn't deliver, they sent wrong product, the item sent was poor quality, wrong colour, and more. I don't understand if their San Francisco base is bankrupt or just not answering. They likely do have many artists, designing with, be it the Australia or California offices but I would bet they don't make much of any money. Not worth dealing with whether you're an artist or customer. Just read reviews on Google, but not their own reviews. They are fraudulent.

  23. RedBubble is a totally irresponsible company. They have been fraudulent. Be it the San Francisco based office, especially or/and Australia the two seem like separate entities. The one in the U.S. seems like a cover up, which has created a phony Customer Service page, with a contact number that is fake. Google their reviews, but not the reviews they created. I do not think they have improved in the last 6 months. I would be very surprised if they have. From prior inspection, it looked like perhaps they were going bankrupt and had very poor service, or no service at all, with people saying they were 3 times over charged on their credit card to not getting the product they wanted, or not getting anything, after payment.


Thank-you for your comment!