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Foil Imaging Art 

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Surfacing V

Surfacing I

Sunset Field

Horizon VI

Surfacing VI





I am one of the few Foil Imaging Artists in the world. My love of nature and my never ending desire to orchestrate the mundane into the extraordinary, drive me to continually create works of art in an abstract style continually revolving my color pallet. I live in Iowa with my husband and 4 wonderful children who bring new experiences into my artistic expression every day.


surfacing I abstract artStyle

I am deeply pleasured by the uninhibited expression of color, reflection and texture that the medium of foil exudes. I work in abstract forms and shapes with an organic modern bent.



My medium is roll leaf foil on metal or paper. It is an artistic technique being pioneered at the University of Iowa. The commercial foils are applied to the substrate with heat and pressure and various techniques developed over the last 20 years by artists such as me.





The simplified process of foil application combines heat, pressure and the amount of time that you apply both (dwell). All of the foil colors can be manipulated before or after application, but colors cannot be mixed, only layered.

I rarely sketch in advance of my work, but I do spend a fair amount of time preparing the surface with an underlying clear texture. As I prepare the works I create different groupings with various sizes and shapes and ponder the story that they will tell individually and collectively.

I find the application of the foil to be a significant part of the expressive quality of my work. Each step is a discovery, an uncovering of something inside of me and a unique property of the foil itself.

I often work in the late evening for many hours on several pieces at one time. I listen to my favorite music and enjoy the breezes of the fresh air.


sunset field artworkThemes

Each piece that I make is a journey and a story. They often speak of people, the human spirit, our relationships with God and others. There is a consistent theme of wholeness, completion, yet it comes with a journey that is still being taken.







I work with my husband designing and building custom homes, it is one of my main creative outlets. I love architecture, modern Japanese works, tapestries, mosaic tile work and encaustic.

I have recently enjoyed viewing the sites of several artists; Corrine Smith, Lisa Pressman and Silvana LaCreta Ravena.

I love texture, depth and color. I find them equally compelling when expressed in either a robust or very simplified way.


Art Promotion

I always load my most current work onto my web site and Facebook. In addition I send email updates to my client list.


horizon VI foil imagingWhy do you create art?    

I am compelled to create. Everywhere I look I am intrigued by the beauty of the creation, but I can also see the need for cultivating order and in that cultivation there exists a harmony between all things that sings a song visually to my soul.






How often do you create?    

I work whenever I can. I may not work for weeks, then I will work every day for months. I am moved by the changing seasons and often find a new direction with each new season.


Are you making a living as an artist?    

I am currently working part time as an artist while my husband and I raise our 4 children. I am fortunate to be able to make a living as an artist even part time. I sell my work through my web site, at several galleries and art festivals. I enjoy a fair amount of commission work and always repeat clientele.


surfacing VI kimberlee roccaPlease tell us something interesting in your life.     

As an art student I pursued the study of Metal Smithing, color anodizing everything in sight, which I deeply enjoyed. I also toyed with becoming an architect, since I excelled in mathematics and creative thinking.

Twenty years later I look back I am amazed that my journey through school and my life has lead me to do two things that I very much enjoy, working with colored foil on metal and designing and constructing artistic homes.





Where do you see yourself as an artist in 10  years?  

I plan to enjoy a wonderful studio space at my home where I create groups of work that I exhibit and sell internationally, as well as in my home town. I look forward to traveling and meeting people to talk about Foil Imaging and its exciting contribution to the ever changing face of art.


Advice to struggling artists

The discipline and business side of art is what sets you apart from the part time artists. I am part time and still make a living because I am persistent to cultivate my career a little each and every day. And connect with people who can help bring you closer to your goals. You may only be one person away from your ultimate success.


Learn more about Kimberlee Rocca and her foil imaging art at:


Facebook Page: Kimberlee Rocca Artist

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  1. Kimberlee your work and words that expressed your journey, work, inspiration.. all tha are just so beautiful and inspiring. Thanks for sharing. I loved your technique, your colors, layers and abstract lines that emerges from your heart felt work.

    Best wishes

    Belgin Bozsahin
    I am a ceramic artists with a fine art back ground. Some things felt very familiar in your story. I also love layers.. they tell many incredible stories.


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