facebook portfolioFacebook page albums can be a very effective tool in the promotion of online art if properly utilized. The page albums are much easier to promote if the photos are arranged similar to a website portfolio. Albums may be organized into categories, with a title and description.



A title, date, medium, copyright logo, and artist website link may be included to the description of every artwork.

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How to Turn Facebook Page Albums into an Art Portfolio


  1. facebook page albumLog into your Facebook page, and select Create an album. Find this by clicking Photo first, as in the screenshot.

  2. Create a title and description
    Name your album based on its content.

  3. facebook oil paintingsChoose the photos from your computer to upload. Add several at a time by holding down Ctrl while selecting (in Windows).

  4. Write a description in the box. I wrote my artwork description in this format:
    (you may use the same format if you like)

    Capelin Run - Oil on Canvas 4X5' © 2012 Graham Matthews - www.Artpromotivate.com

    To save time, I logged into my Pinterest account and copied the same descriptions I had there.

  5. Tag each photo as your Facebook page.

  6. Select an image to be the album cover by hovering your cursor in the upper-right corner of any artwork until Select an option appears. Choose Make album cover.

  7. facebook-artist-portfolioSelect Post Photos at the bottom.

  8. On the next page choose Publish Photos.

  9. Click Add a Description at the bottom.

  10. Change the order of your artworks by dragging and dropping.

To create more albums, go through the same process.



How to Categorize Facebook Page Albums Like an Artist Portfolio


Think of Facebook albums as mini portfolios.

If you have a series of artworks based on a certain subject (ie nature paintings) , create a category based on that. Portfolio categories may also be chosen according to size, medium, style, chronologically. etc. Organize the albums as well, by dragging and dropping.


How to Promote Facebook Page Albums


  1. Share the album link, which may be found at the bottom of the page. Post it on Twitter, your Facebook Timeline, Linkedin, Stumbleupon, etc. and your art website.

  2. Tag other pages in the album.
    Only tag pages who you know won’t mind. When others are tagged, Facebook sends them a notification, and the image is posted to their wall, for all to see.

  3. Allow others to tag themselves.
    To do this, click Edit Page. Under Manage Permissions, find the heading Posting Ability, and check the box “people can add tags to photos by…” Now, when someone tags themselves, the photo appears on their Timeline along with your description, and website. If you tagged your own page, that appears there as well.


Share Your Facebook Portfolios With Us


Feel free to share your portfolio albums created in Facebook with us. If you have any questions, I am always here to help.

Please post your queries below.

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