My Little Butterfly Artist Spotlight

Nancy Jo Corderman
- Abstract Digital Painting

(from top to bottom)

My Little Butterfly

New Skies

January’s End Two





Please tell us a little about your life up to this point   

I have been a freelance artist for over 30 years~ but have not had any true exposure until this year. While raising three kids, two into adulthood and one still in school, I adapted my love for art into art projects for the kids. Realism gave me a good start and during high school I found a passion for abstraction and many deco styles of artful me ways to incorporate art into everyday objects like furniture, lamps, bedding and fabrics, clothing, wall hooks, interior accessories, etc. In the mid-nineties I began to experiment with digital programs and jewellery pieces. I cannot imagine a life without ART, and enjoy the many paths the passion for art has shown me.

New Skies Nancy Jo CordermanWhat types and styles of art do you create?  

Abstraction and design in digital format, semi-precious stones and metals for jewellery, found objects are incorporated into art deco pieces, fabric dyes are used to created interior treatments, and water-based paints are used for handmade giftwrap and accessories.

What drives you to create art?   

From the time I was a little kid I have felt an irresistible urge to create colourful artwork and decorative pieces for practical every day use.

Nancy Jo Corderman, who are the artists who have influenced your art?   

Gauguin, Renoir, Frankenthaller, Rothko, Monet, O'Keefe, and Mark McDowell.


Are you making money as an artist?

Not really- I have made almost enough to pay for my supplies...and I have always enjoyed making art for gifts.

What are the subjects and themes for your abstract art, as well as your realism earlier artworks?

My abstractions are non-objective, and the early work in realism was done to study still life, wild life, landscapes and people.


Januarys End TwoDo you create art often?

I usually have at least one project going at all times.

How have you been promoting your art online?  

This is the first year I have posted any of my work online.

One sentence that describes Nancy Jo Corderman.   

I love color, texture and good humor.



What helpful advice can you say to struggling artists, and those who desire to become artists?   

Always create your art no matter what.

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JCorderman Art

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JoCorderman Art on Facebook


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  1. Your abstracts are beautiful - they sing with colour and shine like jewels.

  2. Wonderful work :) I'm glad to see digital tools used so expressively!

  3. @WolfNibori
    I certainly agree!.. I am truly honored to have Nancy's art displayed here!

  4. Nancy must have a deep love of people to be able to express herself in her abstracts so well. I could look at them for hours and find different meanings in the vibrant designs and colors. The works are exciting, and I expect the artist is as well. Bravo Jo!


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