facebook pages timeline designOn March 30, 2012, a new design is arriving for Facebook fan pages, which is strikingly similar to Facebook Timeline.

The Timeline layout will be replacing the old Facebook page Wall.

When the FB Timeline was first introduced, I realized the potential it had for artists. It has a large introductory cover photo, and images are one of the main attractions.


I wrote a full post on how artists may use FB Timeline for promoting art: Facebook Timeline for Art Marketing.

But, Facebook has strict rules regarding promotion on personal profiles. These rules do not apply for business pages!

Since the new FB page design is arriving soon, I will give a brief overview of what we have to look forward to.


New Facebook Timeline Design for FB Fan and Business Pages 2012


  1. A large attractive Cover photo may be added right at the top. This feature has endless possibilities for artists. One of your best drawings or paintings may be featured there, or a collage of several. It may be utilized to display a large introductory logo, or a studio picture. Whatever you use for your Cover photo, try to be original.

  2. Profile Picture
    This is a great place to feature a logo, photo of yourself, or a special artwork. Use one that has the same height and width.

  3. facebook friendsFriend Activity
    People visiting your fan page can view all the friends that have previously liked the page. This displays a large bolded count plus a small thumbnail image of each person.

  4. facebook page statusComposer
    This is the place for posting updates and recommendations for art fans.

    Post some text, a link, or photos of artworks. The Ask a Question section is great for encouraging feedback about a topic. Polls may be created with several available answers. Include Milestones to feature pivotal moments in your art career, such as an art show. A name, location, time, photo, and brief summary may be contained in this section.

  5. face book timelinePinned Post
    Pinning a particular story will make it appear at the top of your Fanpage Timeline for up to a full week.

  6. Star Certain Stories
    A story may be starred to appear in a larger format, or completely hidden from view.

  7. Browse your Page Timeline history by exploring the bar on the right.


How to Get the Timeline for Facebook Pages Now!


  1. Go here to preview your Facebook Fanpage: New Facebook Pages

  2. Click Turn on Preview

  3. At the top of your page, choose either to publish anytime or wait till the the design is automatically updated on March 30, 2012


What do you think of the new Facebook page design?

I realize not everyone may like the new FB changes.

Do you have any questions about it?

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  1. You are a wonderful and generous source of information for artists making a go of the business side of art online. THank you!
    I do have a question about the Facebook Timeline post. I can't figure out how to make step #5 work "pinning" a story to make it appear at the top. Can you add particulars? Has it got to do with Pinterest because P says that you can't pin directly from FB.
    thanks again for all your help!

  2. @dorothy lorenze
    Pinning a story occurs by clicking the little star that appears when hovering your cursor over the top-right side of a post...

  3. @dorothy lorenze

    Sorry, I actually explained highlighting there..

    To pin, click the little pencil icon instead, and then click Pin to Top...

  4. I know that liking pages helps with the insights and traffic, but my personal newsfeed with my friends and family are gathering all these other art pages and notices. Why can't Pages have its own newsfeed where the business end of liking is kept with the business page and out of the personal feed. I have stopped liking other pages because of this. Is there a solution?

  5. @Carolyn

    I try to like other pages while signed into my own page, instead of my profile, so that those likes are not seen on my personal FB profile.

    On the new Timeline view these likes appear near the top right side. You can set which liked pages appear here too! To do this go to Manage-edit page, then click Featured on the left. From here select Add featured likes, and pick 5 pages that you would like to feature...

    This is a great way of featuring other Facebook pages you have, or others that you like.

  6. Hi I do not particularly like the new Timeline for Like Pages. I do have recomandations from clients and friends. would those will be saved in the new updated Timeline? How about all other apps?

  7. Hi
    do you know if in the new timeline like page are going to show all the recomandations I previously had in my page from my friends and clients?

  8. @Anonymous

    I have the same question. did you get any reply about the recomandations?

  9. I do have recomandations from clients and friends. would those will be saved in the new updated Timeline? How about all other apps?

  10. @Anonymous
    Facebook recommendations are in the new Facebook Page Timeline, but only with pages associated with locations. To get it for other pages, add an exact location in your About section.

  11. I hate the Facebook new design! We can setup our welcome tab now. I have tried but Its not showing the welcome page now on first visit. Can any body please let me know.

    Thank You!

  12. @SEO Riyadh
    Welcome pages are still there.. you just have to link directly to that page.


Thank-you for your comment!