treasurz crowdboostingUPDATE:

The Treasrz website is no longer active. Please disregard this post.

Treasrz is a new crowdboosting site for artists and those who love art, which is still in the beta phase. Very little information about this new art marketing source is known at the moment.


The little we do know makes Treasurz seem very promising for any artist who plans to sell artworks online.


What is crowdboosting?

For Treasurz, it seems to involve allowing as many people as possible to promote and sell artworks, which are made available through the site. These can be art lovers, online curators, and anyone who sees the opportunity of promoting and making a small profit from the work of artists.


How does Treasurz work?

  1. Artists keep 90% of the profit.. 10% goes to Treasrz
  2. Crowdboosting stores – These act as online art agents, and add art that they like to their own stores. When art is sold at crowdboosting stores, the artist does not lose any of the 90% profit. The 10% is split between the store and Treasrz.
  3. Artists can create multiple stores, based on themes, subject, etc.
  4. Listing of opportunities for artists: jobs, artist grants, competitions, art events.
  5. Member artists may be supported through financial donations.
  6. The cost for posting art is only $0.10 each. (Free for those who join in beta phase)
  7. 5 separate images of the same artwork may be displayed. This may be especially useful for displaying several views of sculpture, for example.
  8. The crowdbooster does not have to pay anything for posting art at their store. This makes sharing art more attractive for these people.

What are the advantages of Treasrz for artists?


  • treasrz storesArtists do not have to do all the hard work of promoting their own Treasrz store. Art can be sold and promoted through crowdboosting stores, ensuring you retain the full original profit.

  • Free art promotion: Even if the art isn’t sold, artists will still be receiving free exposure through crowdboosting stores. This will help to reach a much wider audience without any effort from the artist.


Treasrz – Scam or Hot New Opportunity for Artists?


Of course I do not think it is a scam. The creators seem to have placed a lot of time and funds in marketing and promotion. Treasurz has official pages on a number of social networks, including Youtube, Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, and many more.

Time will only tell if it will be an effective method for artists to sell art online.

I am always searching for art promotion opportunities, so I can see no harm in becoming a member of Treasrz in its early phases. If the site is successful, joining can only be very beneficial for those who take advantage of it now.

Artists who signup right away, before the Treasrz launch, will not have to pay the $0.10 per artwork… Treasurz will be completely free for life!

I will post here some specifics about Treasrz, when it finally launches to the public.


Treasrz has not launched…

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