This question has been asked so many times, but it’s very interesting how different people interpret it in diverse ways. I think the question.. and answers, never get old, especially today when the definition of art is constantly being challenged.

I found this Youtube video today in which several American artists are asked “What is Art?” It is quite entertaining to watch. Some parts even made me smile.

The video is part of a series of Claymation videos called Creature Comforts, which features real interviews with animated animals.




 Creature Comforts – What is Art?
Aardman Animations


How would you answer the question, "What is art?”

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  1. This very question (actually to be precise his question was "What is 'true' art?" )was posed by a colleague over at LinkedIn last fall. He ended up getting over 2000 responses. It was quite a debate!

    What is art?

    Art is the psychic, spiritual and emotional sustenance that flows through the life-stream of human consciousness. It is the medium where we as a species express our dreams, hopes and observations of the world around us and the world in our psychic landscape.

    These are just guesses, or attempts to put it into words, when it is an nearly impossible thing to do.

    I hope your readership chimes in on this one, Graham. It is always such an interesting discussion.

  2. In todays world it's sad that the ones with the money who sell or buy art ,tell how BIG an artist is as long as the artist lives how they want him to live , how much the artist kisses their ass and how much the artist lives whatever he makes.Whatever the artist makes: he or she know what it represents . It',s not because the artist makes what he sees or feels that he has to live it too and it's sad that a lot of times the value of an artpiece is valued to that. They don't see what the artist makes. THE ARTIST DOES!!!!!!!


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