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Devon, United Kingdom


Oil Paintings
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Special Place

Devon Meadows

Lake Buttermere Spring



Artist Introduction   

Whilst painting the tropical stage set for the Musical South Pacific I had a eureka moment: painting beautiful landscapes is what I want to do for the rest of my life. Two years ago I gave up my teaching career in order to pursue a career as a professional artist. I am not attached to a gallery but have found venues to put on my own solo shows; six so far as well as an open studio event from my home. My next solo show will be in April: My Journey So Far.


devon meadows heatherbell barlowMedium, Style and Themes   

Always landscapes, seas and skies because that is what I love to paint.

Inspiration is all around me.

I paint in oils, always on canvas, for me, no other medium can compare. I paint landscapes and seascapes inspired by the beautiful countryside around me: the South West of England.

My style is a kind of naturalistic impressionism. I like people to be able to recognise the place I have painted. With oils, I like to be able to create a painting over a number of weeks giving thought to how it will emerge from my memory of a special place. In my country, painting outside is not always an option.






Kurt Jackson, a Cornish Artist has been a great influence on my desire to paint, he has a wonderful free style but always seems to capture the essence of a landscape. The early French Impressionists have also influenced my style as well as the wonderful scenic backdrops of Italian Renaissance painting.


Why do you create art?    

I love the whole notion of creating something unique and placing my own interpretation on a once visited landscape. I believe that a beautiful painting can transport you to another place: it can make a wonderful gift for all occasions. I am so inspired by the landscapes around me that I just want to capture something of their beauty on canvas.


Are you having success with art sales?   

Not yet. I am selling paintings but in these difficult times, not many people have the luxury to splash out. My prints of my best paintings have proved very popular. At the moment I am trying to improve my marketing skills and have so far learnt a lot from your website.


lake buttermere spring heatherbell barlowHow often do you paint?   

I would like to say every day, but sometimes I spend too much time on my computer trying to keep pace with the social media which is becoming a lifeline for artists; it is a great joy to be able to share ideas with other artists across the world.

One sentence description of Heatherbell Barlow

Enthusiastic and optimistic that I will get somewhere with my art.



Art Promotion   

Linked In has been great. Facebook too. I am trying to get a blog started but finding myself posting mostly on my Facebook page.

Offline I have fliers and postcards to promote what I do as well as the exhibitions.


Advice for Struggling Artists   

Keep at it. Believe in yourself and paint what you love. Share tips with other artists and artist groups.


Heatherbell Barlow - Landscape and Seascape Paintings


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