upload photos to twitterTwitter is one of the largest social networks with over 500 million users. On the surface, Twitter does not appear as useful for artists as other networks like Pinterest, Facebook, and Google Plus. This is mainly because most Twitter postings are strictly text-based.

But there are several methods of sharing art and art promotion through Twitter, some of which we detail below.


Cross-Posting Images from a Facebook page to Twitter


twitter-art-tweetsWith a Facebook page connected to Twitter, new photos uploaded to Facebook albums and posts will be directly cross-posted to Twitter.

Set this up by logging into your Facebook page, and going to Manage-Edit Page.

Go to Resources in the left menu, and find Link your page to Twitter.

Click the Link to Twitter button alongside your FB page.

From now on, each time an art image is added to your FB page or Facebook albums, the link to the image (View Photo) will be automatically crossposted to Twitter.

When the View photo link is selected, the artwork will display inside the Twitter posts. 


Adding Picasa, Photobucket, and Flickr Photos to Twitter


Create your own Website!To share to these, go to the specific image to be shared.

Find the Post on Twitter or share link inside either Flickr, Picasa, or Photobucket. Permissions may have to be granted for cross-posting.

When adding these artwork images, it appears in the same format as the Facebook page cross-posts.

To view the photo inside Twitter, click on View photo.


How to Upload Images to Twitter


This is by far the best way to add art images at Twitter. Artworks appear directly on the profile inside the image collection.


  1. upload images twitterClick the Compose New Tweet button in the top-right corner.

  2. Click the camera icon in the bottom, left corner, as indicated in the screen capture.

  3. Find the location of the image on your computer, and choose to upload it. An icon for the photo will appear in the Twitter posting box.

  4. twitter artistsEnter a description for the artwork, and maybe a link, which will be automatically shortened.

  5. When uploaded, refresh the profile page to see the artwork appearing in your collection of Twitter images.



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