facebook activity engagementWhat would you rather have, 500 people who like your page and revisit when you post something new, or 5000 people who never visit again? Most Facebook page owners seem to be focussed on trying to receive likes for their pages more than engaging them.

Arbitrarily asking for likes without interacting with page followers does not help at all. I have fell into this trap myself as I posted my page in several “Like my page and I’ll like yours” art group posts.


While this strategy may help to receive a few new likes, the quality of activity from such users is often low. Lets face it, most people who post at these places are intently focused on increasing likes. This is not a bad thing, but just as much or more emphasis should be placed on networking with other artists and Facebook pages.


How to Encourage Feedback, Engagement, and Activity on a Facebook Fan Page


  1. Try to establish relationships on Facebook

    facebook networking relationshipsThe best way to receive activity and engagement on Facebook fan pages is by being active yourself. Social networking is about establishing relationships, and building contacts. The emphasis should be on building trust and loyalty more than a huge following.

    When visiting the page of another artist, take some time to view their Facebook albums. Go through them, and comment and like the artworks that inspire you. Read their artist statement if they have it there. Find out what you like about the artist or particular artwork and leave them feedback. Before leaving a comment, make sure you are logged in as your Facebook page.

    On a first visit, try to initiate a friendship. This means no leaving of links or asking for a like. Compliment them or ask a question. Your page name will be there anyway, where they can click-through and like your page if they choose to do so.

  2. Share other artists posts

    When others share my posts, I like to visit them and do the same. This is just common courtesy. They may appreciate the kindness and visit more often.

  3. Join a few Facebook art groups 

    facebook groups logoA couple very popular artist groups are Worldwide Artists and Visibly Talented. Before joining, search to see if they allow posting from other members. Occasionally comment and post updates from your Facebook page to the group. 

    Fan pages cannot join Facebook groups though. You will have to join from a personal Timeline profile, and comment from there.

  4. Facebook Posting Habits

    Total Freedom of Web Design! Ask questions at the end of posts. This will encourage engagement and feedback on your Facebook fanpage

    Encourage others to share or like your posts. Having a simple Please Share if you like statement may significantly increase your share rate. 

    Try to post at certain times of the day, especially when most people are not working. Statistically, the best times to post on Facebook are early morning, and evening.

    Keep your comment short and to the point. Short posts tend to be read more, and gain more responses, likes, and shares.

  5. When visiting other pages, participate in posts with lots of likes and comments already.

    facebook like engagementAfter commenting, all other Facebook users who have left a message on the post will be notified that there is a new update. Make the post very interesting so that others may want to find out about who wrote it.

    Ensure the comment is from a Facebook fanpage, as they can easily click to learn more about you.

  6. Ask a question or create a poll to encourage activity in your fan-page.

    facebook poll iconFind the question link (Ask a Question) at the top of your Timeline. Create a question and add several possible answers. Each time a person answers, a notification is sent to their homepage for all their friends to see. Others may come and visit your page to answer the question.

    Also answer other people’s polls while logged in as your Facebook page.


Building a Facebook following in this way does take time, especially at the initial stages. But by encouraging activity and engagement, more Facebook likes naturally follow. Your Facebook fan page for art will steadily grow to reach a larger audience, an audience who is more inclined to continually support you.

What do you think? 

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  1. Once again, I am enthralled with your post! You always seem to answer the questions I am posing myself and wondering how to find the relevant answers! I shall certainly try your suggestions. Thank you. This is one of the most helpful blogs I follow.

  2. Very informative post... Thank you.

  3. Regarding joining art groups on Facebook - all one is doing is promting to other artists who are trying to promote themselves to other artists.

    How does promoting oneself to other artists help an artist?

  4. @Ben Watson
    Art groups help a lot in the promotion of art, and more than artists see it. Everytime someone likes or shares it, it appears in their feed for all their friends to see. This gives much more exposure than one may realize.

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