times square facebook networkingIt’s been over a week now since I submitted my entry for Art Takes Times Square, one of the largest art competitions in the world, to take place in New York City. The gigantic exhibition will take place on huge video billboards in June of this year.

I have not been able to find exact dates of the exhibition, but when I do I will pass along this information to all of you at Artpromotivate.




Many of you have already read my earlier article explaining the details of this hugely popular art contest. For those who have not done so, kindly visit this post:

Art Takes Times Square Art Competition Details


I had a few problems with my entry very early. I could not acquire access to my portfolio for awhile, only seeing an error screen. I contacted support at Artist Wanted twice. Yesterday they emailed me notifying that the error was fixed, and I now have access to my Art Takes Times Square portfolio entry.


Support for Errors and Glitches in Your Art Takes Times Square, New York, Art Contest Entry


artists wanted portfolio paintingsIf you receiving errors or glitches, please contact support at Artist Wanted explaining your situation. Include the nature of your error or glitch, plus your name and the link to your Art Takes Times Square art contest entry.

Wait for a day or so for a reply. If you do not hear back in that time, submit another ticket.

I would like to thank everyone who “collected” me! I have collected quite a few artists myself, over 300 so far.


Helpful Links for Art Takes Times Square Art Contest


  1. artistswanted public collection pageThe public featured artists page to vote for other artists is at… 

    Artists Wanted Public Featured Artists Page 

    Sign into Facebook before clicking that link so the page will not appear blank!

    Simply click on the star that appears when your cursor hovers over an artwork to collect the artist.

  2. Your personal Artists Wanted collection appears at… 


  3. artists wanted collectorsTo see how many others who have collected (voted) your art, click once on “Collect me” while on your own portfolio page entry (while logged into Facebook). Wait for a number to appear, which will display who has voted.

Networking with Facebook – Artists Wanted


facebook social app artistsTo enter the Art Takes Times Square art contest, artists have to signup through Facebook. The Facebook social plugin appears at the bottom of everyone’s portfolio. This allows people who vote to leave a comment about artwork, and like it if they choose to do so. As you probably know, when a comment is made here, or a “Like” is given, this appears on the Facebook news feed for all to see. So, the networking possibilities of this is immense.


Facebook Networking Tips

I have a helpful tip to share with you that will help to build your network of artist contacts. If you are collecting other artists through the public artists page described above, leave feedback in the Facebook Social Plugin. This comment will be seen by all other artists who visit that particular portfolio entry. By doing so, you may receive invitations for friending at your Facebook profile.

If you are one who would rather direct others to your Facebook page instead, log into your Facebook profile first, then go to the public artist page. Click on Open Portfolio in New Window icon to go directly to an artist’s Art Takes Times Square portfolio. Then, open another tab in your browser, return to Facebook, and login to your Facebook page. Go back to the Facebook social plugin and leave a comment.

This comment will automatically be posted as your Facebook page, instead of your profile!


Then, in order to comment on another person’s entry, you will again have to again log into your Facebook profile and go through the same process.  

A notification for each comment will appear at your Facebook page Timeline. If you reply to another person’s comment, this appears on their Facebook Timeline.

Leave comments at other artist’s Art Takes Times Square entries to both increase your Facebook page likes and promote fellow artists!


My Art Takes Times Square Art Contest Entry

My submission for the art contest is displayed above in a screenshot.

To vote for me, please visit this link, and click Collect Me at the top:

Graham Matthews

Feel free to post your portfolio links below.

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  1. How do you get to be a featured artist on our list.????


    Holly English

  2. @Holly English
    Sorry Holly.. I'm unsure of what you are asking..

  3. Now I am hearing rumblings on the net that the competition is a bit of a scam...just a money maker aimed at wannabe artists who are desperate for exposure, at any cost. (They DID mention that an entry can 'jump the queue' for a certain cash amount) I decided to qualify my entry with the good will of my friends and contacts who actually appreciate my artwork. As of this moment my entry has generated 86 'collect me' votes, thanks to my friends and their friends who actually appreciate my artwork enough to 'collect me' and 'share'. The number of 'collect me' votes required for a Premium Level entry...which means your artwork is featured on the massive Jumbo-Trons in Times Square...is 77. So my artwork is supposedly 'qualified'. We'll see in the coming days if they are for real or not.


  4. @Michael Gaudet
    The bottom-line IS money..

    Artists Wanted is actually a portfolio site for artists, which is free to signup, but has a paid upgrade. I signed up for the free portfolio, and my Art Takes Times Square entry disappeared for about a week, with only an error showing up. There are also a few other glitches. Overall, I would NOT recommend them as a portfolio site.

    This is kind of ironic, since the contest seems to be designed to increase awareness of Artists Wanted.

    As for them being a scam for charging for jumping the queue... I don't think this was the best choice for them to impliment. But, most art competitions charge an upfront fee... at least this one is free.

    I see it as a great way of networking with other artists.. and to get exposure for my art I would otherwise have not gotten.

    In my honest opinion, I do not think it is a scam (or hope its not :) ).. but is partly a marketing ploy to earn money for Artist Wanted and its partners, and to bring awareness of Artist Wanted.

    They do plan on charging for competition after April 31, for late entries.

    It's about MONEY... but so is nearly every art competition with upfront fees, and nearly every portfolio site.

    Thanks Michael!

  5. @Michael Gaudet
    I have another point I should add.. the guaranteed entry is for a showing at the after-party. I'm unsure where this party will be held. Will it be in Times Square or somewhere else? They do not even say if the artworks will be displayed on billboards for this after-party.... This could possibly be smaller screens.

  6. I had 14 collect me's the day of the deadline to make it to the world wide judging level . One only need 7 votes to make that milestone. I have yet to see my portfolio on the site in the world wide judging and its been over a week . What's up with that?

  7. I had 14 collect me's the day of the deadline to make it to the world wide judging level . One only need 7 votes to make that milestone. I have yet to see my portfolio on the site in the world wide judging and its been over a week . What's up with that?

  8. Hello... I am an artist at the Art Takes Times Square contest and have tried several times the procedure to see how many collections my work appears on, but have not been able to. I click on "Collect Me", while logged on Facebook, and all it does is sends me to page to register as a judge using FB...any hints or help?
    I emailed several times AW but they always repeat same answer which does not resolve issue. It's a great concept but seems like they have not gotten all working very smoothely...which I am surprised about since they seem to have a lot of support.

    Thanks in davance for your help...


  9. @Paul
    Hi Paul... I have the same problem myself at times, and others have as well. I'm not sure what causes it. Try using a different browser if possible...


  10. Marielle TeasdaleMay 1, 2012 at 11:32 AM

    @Graham MatthewsI also ran into the same problems. I contacted the organization to no avail. They told me to get in touch with someone who told me to get in touch with another...who did not reply. So, is it a scam or a badly managed event? We'll find out soon.

  11. I think is just really poorly organized, which is baffling considering the level of supporters they got involved in the event.
    We shall see...

    Good luck for you!


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  13. I believe this is most definitely a scam preying on those of us that would are trying to break into the art world and gain exposure. I paid the $50.00 upgrade for the Self competition and then tried to find my portfolio without being logged in...all it does it take me to a page to sign up as an artist. In fact it does the same thing when I try to sign up to collect....am in contact with my credit card company right now to have the charge reversed..Pretty sad, It would have been nice if it were the real deal…

  14. The Live cams for the event do not work! I don't even get to see the blurred images online.

  15. @Anonymous
    I had the same problem... makes you wonder if the live cams are real...

  16. I just got an offer to buy the pre sale book. They "selected" me to be a part of the book if I bought it. How long have these guys been doing this???

  17. I just got an offer to buy the pre sale book. They "selected" me to be a part of the book if I bought it. How long have these guys been doing this???

  18. @Meghan This is their first Art Takes Times Square. I'm not sure if they had art books in the past for other competitions.


Thank-you for your comment!