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Liana Gor/Goroian

Los Angeles, USA

Portrait Paintings
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Sweet Dreams

Music Touch

Golden Apple







Liana Gor/Goroian


I with family live in Los Angeles, USA
Within the last few years, I has had numerous solo and group exhibitions
in different galleries of the United States and Europe. My works are on display at galleries in Russia, Armenia, France, Syria, Poland, USA, Canada.
I peer into an inner spiritual world and express that on canvas.


My involvement with art began in early childhood when I would listen to music and then inspired to “make music on paper”. My creations are the recurring themes of mystery, romance, love and beauty. These are unifying elements in body in my work and specialty helpful inexpressive in my painting a celebration of the strength and beauty of women. A fundamental aspect of my artist philosophy is to use my talent as a means of giving back to the community and making a positive influence in this world. As an artist, I aim to give free rein to the supraconsciousness. During this process I paint with both my hand and my heartland want to become the instrument that creates the art. One of my creative process entails a meditation, where I simply try to become one with my artwork. I put aside all preconceived ides of how a painting should be constructed and discard any worry of such elements as composition, perspective, lighting and colors . For me, painting is talking without words.


music touch liana goroianPlease tell us a little about your art.   

I work with oil, acrylic, watercolor and mixed media,also I do computer art.


Why do you create art?   

Why I create art? Because beauty excites me. With painterly skill, sure brushstrokes, compositional and color tensions, I cuts through to the core, presenting humans as profoundly tender beings or subjects, which seems to achieve the transference of
the traditional into the 21st Century.



Main art influences for my art is Traditional art, Impressionism and Modern art


Do you sell your art?   

I sell my original art, limited edition, prints also I make illustration and textile designs.


Themes and Subjects   

I like to see transformations, diversity, the layers covering the vulnerable paleness of a female arm, or tender mat luster of flesh; the skin's translucence beneath a film of gauze draping a naked body. It might as well be the ultramarine of the night sky and the whiteness of the stars. My brush does not just move about the surface, it carefully penetrates the space of another dimension, going beyond the frontier - which is insurmountable to anyone else. There truly is space and life behind that fragile margin, as in a mirror. Of these space and life forms I express my daily chronicles, of their everyday life and feasts. And - of women who belong there.

golden apple liana gorHow often do you create?    

I work each day, no matter I do painting, design or illustration.


Portrait Paintings  

My portraits communicate a modern persona with its sense of freedom, individualism, naturalness, feminine and romance. I found that through portraying a face or a full figure, I try reveal the essence of my subjects and thus perhaps a universal human truth. By focusing on my subjects’ unique characteristics.



One Phrase Description of Liana Goroian   

I'm women, mother and artist.


Advice for emerging artists?   

I can tell aspiring and emerging artists be passionate and like all the colors in this world.



Liana Gor / Goroian

Artist Website: www.lianagor.com 
Twitter: lianagor
Facebook Page: Art Gallery Liana Gor

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