artist pollWe recently created a new poll at Artpromotivate.

“What would you like to see here?”

We are interested in hearing what you, our readers, would like us to write about.

Artists from all walks of life visit this site, with varying backgrounds. We are interested in hearing what you want to see here, so YOU can help shape the future of Artpromotivate.


If you have particular knowledge in either of these areas, we invite you to share it by means of a guest-post. You will receive a free link to your art website, and if you include links to Twitter, Facebook pages, and art blogs, we will include these as well.

For details on guest-posting, please visit this page: Artpromotivate Guest Posting Guidelines.

artist poll questionsPlease only vote for 5 of the below poll categories. If you feel the need to vote for more, do so.

Refer to the screenshot for the link to the poll, which is in the sidebar at the right.


ARTIST POLL – What Would You Like us to Write About?


  1. How to Create an Art Website

    We have written about various free artist website services, but have not yet explored creation of an actual art website on its own domain. This is how many artists have success on the internet. Check this poll box if you want tutorials on how to create one.

  2. Drawing & Painting Techniques

    These will not be “how to draw or paint” demonstrations as seen at many other sites. I will explain various techniques I have used over the years for drawing and painting, with mentions of art tools needed. If you would like to know more about painting or drawing techniques, please vote for this in the poll, or mention it below. Of course, if you have any art technique to share, please consider sending us a guest-post.

  3. Photoshop Tutorials

    photoshop tutorialsIf you would like to know more about Photoshop, please let us know. But, try to be specific about what you would like to learn about by leaving a comment or contacting us. We have already included some Photoshop tutorials here on how to create a signature and watermarking, which may be found in the top navigation bar.

  4. Corel Painter Tutorials

    We would like to know if there is a genuine interest in this topic. These tutorials, if featured here, may be similar to the Photoshop tutorials. We welcome anyone who has advanced knowledge of Corel Painter to write guest-posts for us.

  5. How to Sell Art on Ebay

    Artists can sell art through Ebay, but only will be successful if it is done right. To learn more about selling art through the Ebay auction site, check this option.

  6. Creating Art Videos for Youtube

    art selling tipsThis is something we have explored before, especially as it pertains to slideshows and instructional videos.

  7. How to Sell Art Online

    This is already the primary topic of most of the articles here at Artpromotivate. If you would like to keep learning about how to sell art online, please check this poll option.

  8. Portfolio Sites for Artists

    Portfolio sites are great for networking, especially if they include groups and commenting features. We have talked about numerous online gallery websites here already. But, if you would still like to see more free portfolio websites featured at Artpromotivate, please inform us by voting or commenting below.

  9. Art History Articles

    questionThe idea here is to write about certain historical artists, such as Van Gogh, Rembrandt, Leonardo Da Vinci, Picasso, Salvador Dali, and more. Also, this category may include an explanation of certain art movements – impressionism, surrealism, post-modernism, etc.

    The intention is to make Artpromotivate as much an educational resource as an art promotional and inspirational source.

  10. New Art Competitions

    We have already featured several websites to find updates for new art competitions. Also, we have talked about Art Takes Times Square, the art competition to take place on giant billboards this summer.

    Would you like to be updated about specific international art contests at Artpromotivate?

  11. Art Licensing

    Many companies license art from artists. If you would like to learn about art licensing, and how to get licensing contracts, please check the poll box for this category.

  12. artist spotlightArtist Spotlights

    We have featured many artists at Artpromotivate so far. If you would like to see artists featured more often, please check this box.

    To be included in our artist spotlite please visit this page: artist spotlight

  13. Art Book Reviews

    We would like to review specific art marketing and inspirational books at Artpromotivate. There are many that are very helpful for artists.

  14. Contemporary Art News

    Those who would like to stay up to date with current art events, exhibitions, and art related news directly from Artpromotivate should vote for this poll category.

  15. photograph artPhotographing Art

    Good digital photos are essential for good presentation of art online, especially as it pertains to selling art prints at print on demand websites.

    Of course, we have covered this topic before, but if you would like to read more tutorials on this subject, check this poll box.

  16. Inspirational & Motivational

    We have many articles based on inspiration and motivation, including 20 Inspirational Ideas for Creativity and How Artists Can Set and Achieve Goals. Of course, if you want to see more, place one of your votes for this poll subject.

  17. Art Product Reviews

    Articles here may include best brands of oil paint, software for digital imaging, cheap art supplies, etc.


If there is something we have not mentioned here that you would to learn more about, or you think would be helpful for our artists, please describe it below. Thank-you!!

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  2. Could you write a brief tutorial about how to add photos of your paintings to a stock photo background like a living room, gallery wall or ?? in Photoshop Elements?

  3. @JJ Jacobs
    Thanks for the great suggestion! I will add that one to my list!

  4. Not specifically on this list, but something I would really like to read about, is how to wholesale your art; e.g., how to market it directly to corporate art buyers, interior designers, architects, and real estate stagers, hotel art buyers, hospital art buyers, etc.

  5. @Linda Kenny
    Thanks Linda.. that's a very good suggestion... look forward to an article on this soon!


  6. If you are going to have info about proprietary programs like Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter, you should also include pieces on Free Software such as Gimp and Inkscape.

  7. 1. How to Create an Art Website
    2. Drawing and Painting Techniques
    17. Art Product Reviews
    Most of the other topics are interesting also, but these are some that would help newbies in the art world

  8. New competitions (a regular email listing events I would pay for, especially if I could make it specific to my type of work or part of the World!) Licensing. Interviews with dealers and collectors. How to close a sale successfully. Art product reviews and portfolio web site reviews - I would happily do the latter for you occasionally and perhaps the former if it did not prove too expensive - I am a sculptor.

  9. @Christina Phillips
    Great!! Thanks for the suggestions! You are welcome to send guest-posts on any of these topics... with no charge.. I'll even include a bio at the end with a link to your site!

  10. 2,9,12,13 and 14 i like to read about.
    thanks for your work and lots of inspiration for the future.

  11. 1,5,10, 11,13. Great site and valuable, varied information here. Thank you!

  12. 3, 7, 10, 11, 15.
    Or is is much too late to vote now? (I'm new here:-))

  13. @Maria K. Lemming
    Voting is finished.. but thanks for the recommendations!!

  14. I would like you to write about social problems and socially active organizations such as black lives matter move. I recently read an essay about this on This is a very hot topic about which to speculate. Similar problems exist also among people who are engaged in art. Some believe that not everyone has the right to express themselves. I think that any person can see the world as he wants.


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