Artist WebsitesThere are literally hundreds of website services online for artists and photographers. I have listed and reviewed many here at Artpromotivate, mostly free services so far. If I was to choose one that I would recommend above everything else, it would be Fine Art America.

The free version of Fine Art America has everything a new online artist would want, but will be constricting if you are serious about using this avenue for art promotion.

Artists are limited to 25 print on demand products at one time, while the professional version of Fine Art America ( allows unlimited uploads.


Of course that is not the only benefit of the Artist Websites, so I will use this space to inform you of the features you may enjoy if deciding to upgrade to the premium. The professional portfolio charge is only $30 per year.  I have found that many similar services charge this much for just for one month. Also, I like the fact that they offer the whole package completely free for 90 days, without requiring a credit card.

Fine Art America is presenting a great risk-free opportunity for artists and photographers, and giving us all the tools to sell our art online. How successful it is depends on the artist. No art portfolio will be successful if it is not consistently updated and promoted, both online and offline. It should be found on search engines, as well as marketed at social networks.

Artists and photographers who thrive at Fine Art America (who are making 5-10K a month) are doing what it takes to be successful. That is, they are not relying solely on online selling, but are promoting their site offline at art fairs, and large email campaigns. Artists Websites have many great tools for promoting art. For an overview of some of these, please visit Fine Art America – Quick Tour.

I will outline a few more of the perks of an membership below. These include free art promotion though Google Product Search and


Websites for Artists and Photographers at


  1. selling art onlineTwo Art Portfolios

    One portfolio resides at Fine Art America, and is exposed to the 1000’s of other artists (over 100,000 artists as of March, 2012) and art buyers who search Fine Art America for art. The other portfolio is hosted at and is your personal website. Artworks added to Fine Art America will automatically appear at the Artist Websites portfolio and vice versa, including titles, descriptions, and tags.  So, this will certainly save time in having to create a portfolio at each.

    The portfolio can be used to sell art prints of photography and visual art, with custom framing and matting, and greeting cards. Also, send out press releases, create blogs, post art show openings and other events, and more.

    Fine Art America:
    Artist Websites: The url is in this form:

    If you do not like having a subdomain, refer to our tutorial for adding a custom domain name: Custom Domain Names for Artist Websites

  2. Commission on Accessories

    Free FAA members do not earn anything for framing, matting, assembly charges, etc., but those registered with receive 5% of this amount. This may add up, since most people who order art prints, often avail of these services.

  3. selling photographs onlineLicenced Art on Television

    This program is only available to Visual Artists and Photographers with professional websites at Artist Websites.

    Have art displayed on sets of popular ABC television shows through the ABC Studios Licensing Program. ABC producers can specifically browse artworks by Fine Art America members who are signed up for the program, and select an artwork to be used as a set prop. Artists will be paid a commission plus the cost of the print.

  4. Unlimited Uploads to your Professional Portfolio

    Create your own Website!There are unlimited artworks and unlimited galleries. Artists may upload as many as they want without storage restrictions.

  5. Promotion with Google Product Search

    Art prints are automatically submitted to Google Product Search. This opens up greater exposure for art, as people searching for art through this avenue may find yours. Many art collectors browse the art categories at Google Product Search searching for art for their homes.

  6. Promotion at

    Artworks appear at, in the Fine Art America shop. People who purchase art here are automatically redirected to your portfolio, where the transaction may be fulfilled.

  7. photography websitesShopping Cart

    Sell art directly from your portfolio with a built in shopping cart.

    Sold art prints are processed, packaged, and shipped to the art buyer without artists having to lift a finger.

    All of this is automatic and 24-7. Art sales can even be made while you are sleeping!

  8. Search engine for your online gallery
    If you have hundreds of images, a search engine can help visitors find specific themes or mediums, or even a certain artwork.

  9. Create an Art Catalog

    Create your own catalog of art, including pricing and sizes, to hand out to art collectors. Each page can be converted to a PDF document and printed. Simply select a few to print, organize them in a folder or binder, and have it ready to show to interested people at art fairs, art shows, etc.


Current free Fine Art America members may upgrade by logging into their profile.

Click Behind the Scenes at the top, and choose Premium Features at the end of the top menu. Right at the bottom of that page, click the link to activate the Artist Websites account. Note that you will need a credit card, but can try it free for 30 days.


Websites for Photographers


Those who do not have a Fine Art America portfolio may visit ArtistWebsites directly to receive the first 90 days free, even without requiring credit card information. (anyone can do this if they enter a different email address)

Are you a member of Fine Art America or Do you have any questions? Please let us now what you think of their services by commenting.

Also, you are free to share either portfolio below.

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  1. Graham, do you think that Fine Art America is suitable for 3D work such as wood turnings? We are searching for a suitable website to set up for our Heart of the Wood. Thanks again for all your information to artists. You have been unbelievably helpful!

  2. Dear Graham,
    Like you, I discovered this company recently and see it as a great marketing tool for the visual artist. My first orders look wonderful.

    However, I have discovered a serious problem with my How can I contact someone at either company to get it resolved?

    I have looked at your art and will follow you when I can get this resolved.


Thank-you for your comment!