alexa toolbar website rankingAlexa traffic rank is a ranking of a website or blog based on number of visitors, how long they spend on a site, etc. Millions of websites use Alexa to calculate how they classify in relation to others. With Alexa, the lower the number, the higher a website ranks.

When I first began this art promotion blog,  Artpromotivate, my Alexa score was over 10 million. It currently sits at 390,988, which can be viewed in the widget at the bottom of this page.


This means that 390,997 websites rank better than mine. No surprise, but the top 2 highest ranked Alexa websites happens to be Google and Facebook

Having a good Alexa website score has a number of advantages for all types of websites, including online portfolios, which I will list below.


Why Increase Alexa Traffic Ranking?


  1. If you have an artist website or artblog (or any other type of website), tracking your Alexa rank and doing things to increase it, can help to bring more exposure for the site and your art.

  2. With a better ranking, the blog or website will receive automatic inclusion in several Alexa list directories. The more relative websites link to a website, the more Google PR will increase. Google page rank is important for helping a site display more in Google search. The higher the authority, the more visitors will arrive when searching for something.

  3. alexa pagerank google searchUsers of the free Alexa Toolbar can view a bar with a website’s Alexa rank within Google Search. This may help the site receive more clicks than a lower authority website.

  4. It is very helpful in seeing how popular a site is getting over time. Knowing this will help to gain confidence that your work promoting the website, and getting more daily visitors is not going to waste. With the Alexa Toolbar installed, easily keep track of your ranking right from a browser.

  5. Having a high ranked Alexa website will certainly help to receive notoriety in the online world. The most recognized websites generally receive many more visitors than lower ranked.

Tips to Increase Alexa Rank for Websites and Blogs


  1. alexa website rankingInstall the FREE Alexa Toolbar on your browser.

    Go here to view the versions for Google Chrome.

    There are also links on that page to install versions for Internet Explorer and Firefox. The toolbar keeps track of the ranking and incoming links.

    By having this on your browser, and visiting your own websites, your Alexa ranking WILL increase!

    A great tip is to set your blog or art website as your homepage. Also, if you have multiple computers, install the Alexa Toolbar on all of them.

    Create your own Website!The Alexa Toolbar is also great for research. Related links allows visitors to browse similar websites. Search Analytics displays words and phrases (keywords) that people use to find a website.

  2. Include a free Alexa widget on your blog or website (like the one at the bottom of this page). The widget will allow yourself and visitors to view current ranking and incoming links. This also allows visitors to visit the Alexa site to view more stats, and download the Alexa toolbar.

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  1. I have the Alexa toolbar, and it shows substantially more traffic to my website than google analytics. How do I know which one is more accurate?

  2. The Alexa toolbar gives an estimation in their traffic component, whereas analytics show actual figures.

  3. I've installed the Alexa toolbar on my browser but can't find the free widget for my website that you refer to. How do I access it?
    Also you say "like the one at the bottom of this page" but it's not obvious there. Where is it?

  4. @Tom Henderson Smith

    Hi Tom, Find the free Alexa widget here:

  5. Thanks Graham for your clarification about the source of the Alexa widget. Tom :)

  6. Thanks Graham for your clarification about the source of the Alexa widget. Tom : )

  7. Thanks for your advices. I will try it, and I hope I can get a better ALEXA Rank as soon as possible. Have a nice days... ^_^


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