graham matthews paintingsI have several new paintings in progress at the moment. I have decided to show you some of these today.

As many have probably realized, I have been very busy writing daily for this blog, and have not had time to update my personal art blog much. (Graham Matthews Art) I do have much larger plans for that art blog, such as a new domain and template.



For now, I am placing most of my online efforts to writing for Artpromotivate.

I am enjoying writing articles and tutorials for Artpromotivate very much, and daily providing helpful advice and tips for artists around the world. I would like to thank everyone for all the encouragement and feedback. This is what really keeps me motivated to write here every single day.


Want to Write for Artpromotivate?

painting rainbow matthewsWe have been widening our range of art rated topics at Artpromotivate of late. This is a very exciting step, since Artpromotivate is becoming much more than an art promotion blog.

If anyone has an art related topic to contribute, why not write a guest post?

You will be compensated by means of a link to your art website at the end of the article, along with a short bio.

Please visit Artpromotivate Guestposting Guidelines for details, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Artist Spotlight at Artpromotivate

abstract surreal wavesThe artist spotlight has been a HUGE success! There are over 50 artists ready to be featured here at Artpromotivate.

Lately, I have been featuring two interviews per week, and will continue to do so.


Besides this blog, I also am very busy with painting, and various other things associated with family life. I am a very busy person, who always tries to be productive, and take advantage of every moment of time I have here on this earth.


In Progress Artwork by Graham Matthews

abstract painting fishermanI usually prefer not to display in progress artwork, but today I will show everyone some of what I have been working on. None of these have been titled yet, or even priced.

The first three displayed here are very near to completion – just a few minor touch-ups and highlights.

I purposely left these at low quality and uncropped. Full color, print ready artworks will be released at a later date - after they are completed of course.

My themes are mostly nature related, often featuring surrealized icebergs, rainbows, fish, and waves. I have been working on other more personal themes recently.

Larger photographs and more in-progress paintings can be viewed at Artpromotivate’s Facebook page.

Please go here: Artpromotivate on Facebook

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  1. Wonderful work, Graham, and excellent site. I share it with all of my art friends.

  2. @Marilyn Lowry Thanks Marilyn! I appreciate that very much! :)


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