beautiful spirit sadie janeSadie Jane
Newfoundland, Canada

I am Sadie Jane. Visual artist, Mommy of three handsome cats, Adventurer. Native to the breathtaking island of Newfoundland. Evolving each moment with all that I experience and breathe in.

"Each painting takes me on a spiritual journey. All of my senses are awakened; the canvas acts as a mirror and reflects who I am in that moment. I'm not just creating a painting, I'm creating myself. The process is raw, exhilarating, and magnificently liberating."
- Sadie Jane

BEAUTIFUL SPIRIT (left)2011/Acrylic on Canvas/20x20


When did you first realize you were an artist?

Although I have been creating art passionately since I could hold a crayon, it wasn't until I sold my first painting that I realized my childhood dream had come true, I am an artist! Yay!


Why do you create art?

Have you ever felt wet paint against canvas? Dry canvas, wet canvas, paper, rocks, it doesn't matter. That sensation awakens my soul and it is one of those experiences where I truly feel alive! I get these incredible bursts of creative energy where nothing else but creating art will satisfy it. It makes me happy, and at the end of the day that's all that really matters right?


optimistic puppet acrylic paintingMEDIUMS

Acrylic paint is my favorite medium and most often used. I also have a passion for photography and will be taking my first photography course this spring. I have also enjoyed working with metal, clay, graphite, textiles, and well just about anything that allows me to create! (And you can't forget crayons! Sometimes you just have to kick it old school and bust out a crayola crayon or two)


OPIMISTIC PUPPET (right)  2012/Acrylic on Canvas/8x8



I try to explore lots of ideas and concepts, but my main theme always comes back to my faceless women. It didn't start that way, they just sort of came to me and have been a staple in my artwork ever since.



I've never been good at labeling myself with a particular art style. Sometimes I say 'Expressionist', other times I say 'Abstract' and then there are more times when I just say 'I create the colourful style of art'.



The works of Salvador Dali and Frida Kahlo will forever hold a very close spot in my heart. I remember the first time I ever saw an original Dali painting in a gallery. It wasn't in a book, it was right there in front of me. That was a powerful moment.


Can you explain your technique and process when creating art?

I'm not sure how to explain my technique, whereas I am a self taught artist and each painting takes me on a new journey of creative exploration. The process of creating art though is always the same for me. I always organize my 'Spidey Cave' before each painting making sure I tidy up my desk and easel area, lay out my brushes, knives, and fresh water, and then create a playlist of music to reflect either the mood I want to set for a particular painting concept, or one that reflects the mood I am in at that time and see where the painting takes me. Then it's time to get lost in a whirl of colour and chaos with the paint and canvas. It's hard for me to step away from a painting and finish it at a later time. The most time I will spend away from a painting is just long enough to catch up on some sleep, then it's back to the cave again.


beautiful mess sadie janeWhere do you get your ideas?

Inspired by all that Mother Nature creates. I have a very vivid and active imagination, so whether it's a textural cloud in the sky, or the way a shadow drapes itself across the floor, something is always speaking to me, recharging my creativity.

BEAUTIFUL MESS (left) 2011/Acrylic on Canvas/16x20



How often do you create?

I've learned that forcing creative energy is never as satisfying as naturally letting it come to me and flow through my veins. Sometimes I can create daily, while other times I can go a few weeks, maybe even months without laying a brush near canvas. With that said, I still try to create in other ways in my life, whether that be through photography, practicing my textile skills, or even just filling in the pages of a colouring book. Yes, I still colour in colouring books.


What is the best artwork you ever created, and why?

Wow that's quite the question. I think the best artwork I ever created was my first painting. I'm not talking about the ones I did in my elective art classes throughout grade school. I mean after years of working with pencil and paper as my main focus the moment when I finally traded my pencil in for a brush. I recycled the inside of a card that had been collecting dust, and from the inspiration of a necklace that had been given to me, painted what I saw in the swirls of brown and amber. Now many may say it's not the most beautiful painting I ever created, or the most vibrant (like most of my work). For me though it was the first time I passionately put paint to canvas and allowed my soul to direct the brush. Nothing can replace that painting.


these strings bring wisdomWhat role does the artist play in society?

Art work stimulates the senses and provokes thoughts and emotions The artist creates an alternative world for the viewer to become lost in, and through their art promote this means of self expression.




THESE STRINGS BRING WISDOM 2012/Acrylic on Canvas/6x6



Do you make a living with your art?  

Not at this point. As an emerging artist, I am taking the steps to make this a reality and hope I can achieve it. How liberating and exciting would that be?


What is your favorite two ways of promoting art online?

Currently I enjoy promoting my art via my Facebook page and through my blog. I enjoy the convenience of Facebook and it's easily accessible means of self promoting. I really enjoy the chain effect it creates for networking, and with my incredibly tight marketing budget I love that it's free! It also just so happens to be where I discovered Artpromotivate! I love using my blog as well. It gives me the opportunity to express myself outside of paintings and connect with others on a more personal level. I am expanding my marketing avenues and recently have had the incredible opportunity to promote in local restaurants. As I evolve and grow as an artist I am curious to see how this answer changes.


Can you recommend a great contemporary artist and tell us a little about their art?

Yes! You must check out the fabulous work of Dominique Hurley. Her soul awakening art will stir up the most incredible of emotions from inside you, taking you on a visual experience like none other.
Dominique Hurley - From this website you can find her artwork, her blog, her photography and contact information. She is also on Facebook.


kintala sadie jane artist

Please tell us something interesting in your life.

Oh this might be boring for some, but for the first time I'm starting my very own vegetable garden this year and that's some mega exciting in my world haha.


KINTALA (left)
2012/Acrylic on Canvas/11x14 (image on right side is a texture closeup)


 Did you ever feel like giving up art?

I don't think that is even possible. That would be like asking if I ever feel like giving up breathing. There have been many times where I felt like giving up selling my art, or doubted my talent. However it is still a staple in my life and always will be. The need to create is too important for me, and too much fun to stop.


Where do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?

10 years from now, I can picture myself in my own art studio where I can teach art classes, provide space for others to create and showcase my artwork, along with others in a gallery. It would be exciting to have my art work in galleries as well.


Do you have any parting advice for emerging artists?

Follow your heart, and never give up. As an emerging artist I have learned that staying true to myself and being persistent has been two huge keys to my artistic adventure so far. No matter what, liberate your inner artist! :)


Sadie Jane


Art Website: Sadie Jane Collection 
Twitter: @SJCollection
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Thank-you Sadie Jane!

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