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United Kingdom

Digital Portrait Artist, Painter and Art Tutor

I am a Traditional & Digital artist, Art tutor and Demonstrator. As a demonstrator I travel to various Art Clubs and Societies including small businesses in and around the North West and Central parts of the United Kingdom and North Wales.


Super Trouper ©Bob Hughes



I also do workshops and can organise painting holidays in Switzerland, South of France and Tuscany in Italy. Details of the Switzerland and South of France painting holidays are on my website, by clicking the link below you will see my details of the painting holiday in Tuscany:
Art Tuscany Painting Holiday

As a traditional artist I use various mediums, i.e oils, acrylics, watercolour, pastel, pencil etc. My subjects vary from landscape to still life and portraiture. As a digital artist, I focus more on portraiture.

Why do you create art?

Art is a "Feeling" an "Emotion" it's like breathing, without it you would be dead, I don't mean that literally, obviously. Painting gives you a feeling of being apart of something, when you get an idea for a painting or drawing you feel something burning inside of you (not indigestion), then, as your idea develops that burning feeling becomes an inferno, your emotions can run wild at times and you wonder why you started it in the first place…then, when you finally complete your artwork/masterpiece, it's all over and you start thinking of what you can do next. People ask me "do you like what you have done"? and I always say "no" simply because I feel that I have not quite achieved what I set out to achieve…I think most artists' think the same thing.


bob hughes venice painting


There are many artists' that I admire, from the old Masters to the Impressionists and those artists' of today. I love the paintings of the Pre-Raphaelites, and I like the paintings of Constable and Turner. Two years ago I came across an artist called Pino while my wife and I were on holiday in Florida, the colours in paintings are fabulous.
(Pino Paintings)

On the digital side of painting, an American master of the medium is Bert Monroy his painting of "Time Square" is masterful, so too is his painting called "Damen"

Waiting for a Fare - Venice Scene ©Bob Hughes


Have you had any success at selling art?   

Sadly, my type of painting does not seem to be in vogue, I have approached many private art galleries but usually get a reply saying "this is not the type of art we are looking for" even though it is similar to what they are selling.

I do make a living through demonstrations and teaching (not too much though).


What are the themes and subject of your art?    

I use photographic reference a lot, right now I am painting a series of paintings of Venice and other European places. Many of the places I paint I have never seen (although I really would like to visit them). If an artist have never visited a place that should not stop them from painting it if they can get reference material. Artists' being 'creative' people will always find ways and means of expressing them selves. Eventually I hope to have an exhibition of the paintings.

On the digital side, I paint portraits from photographs supplied to me by professional photographers studios, my last portrait was a mixture of two different techniques which made the whole process more difficult but more interesting.


bob hughes painter arttutorHow often do you paint?    

I paint more now that at any time in my life…as you get older you feel that you have to leave something behind to say "I was here". But I do look back and think "what have you been doing with your life"?


The Next Generation (The Bordelon Family) ©Bob Hughes


Art Promotion

Apart from my own website I am on various other websites, both traditional artists websites and digital magazine websites.


Advice for Artists

Learn the tricks of the trade, they were acquired the hard way over many generations, they should not be discarded as being "Old Fashioned"


Bob Hughes

Digital Portrait Artist, Painter and Art Tutor

Art Website: Bob Hughes Artist

Thank-you Bob! 

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