fish in a vaseLisa Aerts

St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

My name is Lisa Aerts. I was raised in Pennsylvania, grew up in the 70's. I now live in St. Petersburg Fl. I met my husband here, we have one daughter, she just turned 21.

About four years ago, my husband was set to retire, and I thought I could take my hobby, and sell on-line. I have always been a stay at home mom, with my daughter it was important, she has Cerebral Palsy, so, lots of Dr’s visits, therapists, etc.


Fish In A Vase ©Lisa Aerts



I used my talent to paint her room with Disney characters, painted gifts for teachers and aides that worked with her. I never though of myself as an artist, just a person that had a hobby.

Then I painted my first small canvas for E-bay, Cats, and it sold....I can't describe the feeling, and for some reason, it set me free. I started painting things I never thought I could, using mediums that I never tried before, and for the very first time, I called myself an artist.



I have no idea, I know its realistic, but I also enjoy using a palette knife and creating that way, so I suppose it could be modern as well. I know my husband tells me he sees faces in my flowers, human expressions in my animals, and all the people I paint look dead.....


facing waves lisa aertsMediums   

I use oils, acrylic, water colors, pastels, ink, and pencil. My favorite are oils.


Facing the Waves       ©Lisa Aerts





I'm not sure about my technique, I just paint, right now I'm going to do a watercolor of a fish tank, in my head its colorful, mysterious, but when I start to paint, things can change, and it becomes something entirely different...I go with the can see this with Fish In A Vase, I was going for something under water, with movement, it some how ended up with Fish in a vase????



Color and more color, warmth, love, places you would like to be, places that make you feel comfort, safe, fun, happiness, and maybe, I hope, a smile or two....


fish and a frogWhere do you get your ideas?   

Everywhere, I live near a lot of beaches, so water and sand play a large part in my thought process. I love animals, and I like to paint them with all their color and glory.
Lastly, my landscapes are places I'd like to go with my daughter, so you should hopefully see a dreamy quality, as well as purple....she is and always has been my inspiration....



Fish And A Frog ©Lisa Aerts





Why do you create art?

I'm not sure, I just know I can't stop, and I don't want to....


What is the best artwork you ever created?   

Yikes! Well I hope my best is yet to come...but right now, I think my best is Life Is So Beautiful, just the position of the peacock, the feathers, and the size, the colors, it turned out well...


Life is So BeautifulWhat role does the artist play in society?   

I hope its the heart of, but at times I think we forget what an important role the artist makes in society. We have an overload of information, press a button here you have just sent it clear across the world. Mindboggling. Its so easy to forget about the artist, when there are so many more interesting visuals to compete for our attention, but, I think it will still be the artist who will define our century, just as past centuries have shown.




Life Is So Beautiful       ©Lisa Aerts




Do you make a living with your art?

For about four years I have stores on Etsy and on E-bay and have sold on both, could I survive on this, no, but, I have high hopes for the future.


Art Promotion   

Right now, I love using Twitter, but Facebook is great too.


Boxing in the RebellionInfluences   

We are so lucky in St. Petersburg to have a Dali museum here, its beautiful, and he is one of my favorite artists. I also love Van Gogh, Degas, Matisse, and love, love, MC Escher.


Boxing In The Rebellion ©Lisa Aerts



Contemporary Artist Recommendation   

When I was first posting my work on Facebook, and amazing artist asked me to post on his site too, Anthony Falbo, amazing artist, beautiful work.


Please describe yourself in three words.   

mom, artist, mom


Please tell us something interesting in your life.

I think all of really interesting moments have come in the last four years.
When I started using oils, it was obvious that I needed space that wasn't in the house, out unattached garage seemed perfect, with its big barn doors, lots of light, good ventilation, but, it was filled with "stuff", husband stuff...slowly I have been taking over the garage, gently pushing his HUGE amounts of "I can't throw this away" out the door, and in its place I have a studio, with racks and easels, and space, lots of space, I think its been one of my greatest achievements… of course my husband is still in a fog wondering when he can get his garage back.....


Over the River and Through the WoodsWhere do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?   

Painting, painting and probably needing a chair.


Advice for emerging artists

Its never to late, don't be so hard on yourself, and keep at it.....


Over The River And Through The Woods ©Lisa Aerts




Lisa Aerts


Art Website:  Art by Lisa Aerts
Facebook Page: Art by Lisa Aerts on Facebook

Thank-you Lisa!

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