seadean gaia energy paintingSea Dean

Passion for Nature – Seascape, Landscape, and Floral Painting

My name is Sea Dean. At Art School I focused mainly on graphics and metalwork. I have experimented with and taught many creative arts. Currently I am exploring acrylic painting, constantly fascinated by new techniques and products as the medium matures.


Gaia Energy - 8 x 10 Acrylic ©Sea Dean


I have always had a passion for nature which has lead to landscape, seascape and floral works. I have a passion for the mystery and magic of the human form especially while in motion.

Artistic Mediums   

I paint with professional quality Acrylics, mediums and textures as well as Water Soluble Oil.


mount albert edward seadeanTECHNIQUE   

Sometimes I get a flash of inspiration and instantly sit down to capture it in paint. Often this is caused by a flash of light on a landscape or something beautiful I've seen on TV. More often I spend weeks or months planning a work or a series and sometimes go through many versions before I'm satisfied.

Mount Albert Edward - ©Sea Dean


OOAK ACEO (One of a kind ACEO) is currently my main format and an important addition which is really working for me.



Sea Dean-Geisha-Eyes-ACEO

 Geisha Eyes - ACEO - Acrylic - 2.5 x 3.5 - Sea Dean



Although I have journeyed through many processes including drawing, sculpture, pottery, printmaking, jewellery design, and oil painting, I am currently working in two styles of acrylic painting. My small works use a heavy impasto style, rich and sweeping, almost edible. My larger works tend more towards a subtle realistic style, photographic but with softened edges as seen through a window.


sea dean daisy chainWhy do you create art?    

My work is a natural extension of myself. Creation to me is like breathing, I could not exist without it.


How often do you paint?    

I paint every day and when I'm not painting I'm promoting art or planning future works.


Daisy Chain - 6 x 6 ©Sea Dean




Do you make a living with your art?     

I run popular art classes worldwide. "Paint a Masterpiece" is a very popular class which takes students from "never held a brush" to "Wow I made that painting hanging on my wall" in one day. I teach modules in colour, composition, marketing, new media etc. which can extend to a 10 session term.


Art Promotion   

I enjoy Facebook, Linked In and Twitter but I find the best way to promote my art is to network and collaborate with successful sites such as APM.



I have always been heavily influenced by Impressionist and Expressionist Art. Not only do I love the art but this period in history is one that I find most fascinating. I am currently writing a book based in 1881.



OCEAN SUNSET 4" x 6" Postcard Size Miniature OSWOA


Do you have a contemporary artist to recommend?     

I am totally awestruck by Roisin O'Farrell, a contemporary Irish artist who is incredibly prolific and successful. Her work is rich and full of light with a tinge of nostalgia. She has found her niche in painting classic interiors but her fresh style somehow stop them feeling stuffy. I thoroughly enjoy following her success through her blogs and on Facebook.



CITY MOUSE 6" x 4" Postcard size Miniature OSWOA


Please tell us something interesting in your life.   

In order to keep my life fresh I travel and stay in exotic locations for extended periods. I make this affordable by house and pet sitting as well as teaching classes worldwide.


the gift seascape painting

The Gift 12 x 36 ©Sea Dean

Where do you see your art in 10 years from now?   

I see myself surrounded by art. My large and comfortable home and studio an ever changing world of art, people, and events.


Advice for Artists   

Find your passion, consistently follow your heart and success will come.


Sea Dean - Passion for NatureSeascape, Landscape, and Floral   Painting

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