flower photography tina marieTina Marie

United States

Flower and Nature Fine Art Photography

Real, Compassionate, Intuitive

STYLE: Mostly macro floral photography

INFLUENCES: Just nature!


Marvelous - Tina Marie


I feel like I have a second chance at life. The first part of my life has been busy raising three children as a single parent...just surviving. I experienced several traumatic events which I suppressed and dismissed....until I couldn't any longer. I developed a severe and debilitating anxiety disorder, which led me to many physicians for treatment.


divine flairs3 tina marieOn one of my visits to a resident physician, he causally suggested I write poetry for my well being....I laughed because I have always been a left brain-a-holic! I was desperate to find an answer to my problems, so I took him literally and started writing poetry....When I needed time away from the computer, I'd go outside and water my flowers and viola'...word combinations were overloading my mind....seeing flowers was helping me write poetry....so, I bought a point and shoot camera and started taking photo's of flowers.



Magnificant - Tina Marie


What a beautiful world it is...flowers are marvellous! I published my first book in 2010 called, "Every heart has a Halo" and then concentrated on my photography. I keep my camera on one setting and let my eyes guide me. I know NOTHING about the camera or the names of flowers, but I do know when to push that button on the camera! My anxiety issues have decreased dramatically.....I am discovering a new area in me and living a new phase of my life.

Technique and Process   

My technique is ignorance...my process is 100% intuition. I walk outside and let my eyes guide me. I start taking photo's of a flower at all angles....I download them and I am always pleasantly surprised!


divine flairs50 tina marieWhy do you create art?    

It makes me happy and feel calm, serene and peaceful.

How often do you photograph?    


How are you promoting art online?   

I am ignorant with the internet and computer....I am slowly navigating and finding websites, galleries and other info. that might be beneficial. I like Fine Art America.

Magical - Tina Marie





Please tell us something interesting in your life.   

At the end of my three year, successful, Sports Massage practice, I met a paralyzed man who wanted to participate in triathlons. I helped him with fundraising to purchase a handcycle, then a road racer, then carbon fiber wheels, then gloves, etc...eventually, we traveled all over California doing marathons and triathlons.

tina marie flower photographyI educated the race directors, media and other athletes so that Randy could compete (even though he was always the ONLY paralyzed athlete!) After four years, he was able to travel all over the world, participating in numerous Ironman triathlons in New Zealand, Cape Town, South Africa, Germany, Austria, New York, Hawaii, Malaysia, etc...His fearlessness, recklessness and drive to stay fit motivated him to finish these gruelling events, however it also ended his life. He was hit by a car in Hawaii and passed away....But thousands of people were inspired by his presence and abilities.


Astounded - Tina Marie




Where do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?

Traveling the world, speaking, inspiring others, collecting royalty checks, living comfortably and stress free....painting and trying other forms of art.


my lovely flairs176 tinamarieAdvice for Emerging Artists   

Breathe in faith, walk with confidence, trust your self, trust your abilities, even if you don't believe in yourself, do it, don't critique/judge/suppress yourself, just keep doing it....it is all stepping stones pointing you in an unknown direction...it's all good.



Unity – Tina Marie


Art Website: Tina Marie

Twitter: @certifiednut99
Facebook: Echolocation


Thank-you Tina Marie!

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