advertising art facebook marketplaceI have seen some artists posting their art work at Facebook Marketplace, as well as groups dedicated to classifieds and buy and sell in specific areas.

Facebook Marketplace (Oodle) is an app whereby users can post advertisements for free. When posting advertisements, your friends are notified of the ad in an email - according to their email settings of course.

The advertisement will also appear at your home page for all Facebook friends to view.

What follows is a tutorial for advertising art at Facebook Marketplace and FB classified groups.



Artists at Oodle Marketplace on Facebook


  1. First go to Facebook Marketplace and see what other artists are listed there.

    Facebook Marketplace

  2. In the left sidebar, under Browse Marketplace, click the first category Merchandise.

  3. location sliderSet the location slider to maximum, as shown in the image on the right.

    A bunch of categories should appear in the bottom left column, under Merchandise.

  4. Hit the Arts and Crafts link, then the Artwork subcategory.

    There should be a listing of several paintings and sculptures for sale, artists available for commission work, and prints.

  5. The one I will examine here is a painting by Vancouver, BC artist Jordanka Yaretz. Her classified listings (if they are still listed), appears here.

    painting classified

    This advertisement contains all the features of an effective listing, a thumbnail image, title, category, place, artwork price, and description. It even includes a link to her Facebook profile, and how many listings and friends she has. At the bottom, viewers can choose to like, share, or comment. The time since the advertisement was posted is listed last.


How to post art at Facebook Marketplace (Oodle)


  1. Click post at the top of the marketplace page. A popup appears where you may enter information.

  2. facebook marketplace oodleWhat are you posting?

    This will be a title for your advertisement.  Make it descriptive of the piece.

    For example, use a format similar to this:

    Original Abstract Acrylic Painting, 11X14”, by Graham Matthews

  3. Why are you posting?

    This should be a brief statement about your reasons for selling the item.

    Fill in this space with Original art for sale by the artist, or something similar.

  4. Describe it…

    Create your own Website!This is your chance to use your writing skills to sell your artwork. Include exact dimensions, medium, whether it is framed or unframed, and condition. Also let them know if it is signed and if a certificate of authenticity will be included.

    Write a shortened form of your artist statement here as well. This should be brief and right to the point, maybe not more than 3-4 sentences.

    Include your name and a link where they can view more of your artworks right at the bottom.

  5. Add Photos and Videos

    Add either a photo or video, or both. Be sure to include a good quality image of your artwork. Follow our tutorial for photographing artwork for the internet if you are unsure of how to do so.

    If you have a video of yourself creating the actual artwork, include this here.

  6. Select a Category

    For paintings, sculptures, drawings, etc., choose Merchandise - Arts and Crafts – Artwork.

  7. Price

    Set your price here. Think about the mindset of the average person who scans classifieds looking for items.

    They are usually people looking for deals and cheap stuff. So, try to avoid listing artworks in the thousands. They generally do not sell in classifieds.

    Take a look at other artist’s prices on the Facebook Marketplace to get an idea of what to sell, and how to price artwork.

  8. Check Everyone on Marketplace can see my post and Also post to my Facebook Timeline, then click Post!


How to Find Facebook Classified and Buy and Sell Groups


Many classified groups exist on Facebook. These are created according to city or area. I have seen some artists posting there as well.


classified groupsTo find classified groups type classifieds or buy and sell in the search bar at the top of any Facebook page. A bunch of results will pop up. Click See more results for classifieds right at the bottom of that menu. A page appears with a list of classified groups on Facebook. Join only the groups with the most members.





Another great way of finding groups is to type in a town or city in the search bar, followed by classifieds or buy and sell. The popup sometimes reveals a buy and sell page associated with the city.


How to Post on Facebook Buy and Sell Groups


Get the Book - Goal Wheel for Artists!Read the group rules first before posting. Look at other people’s posts on particular groups to get an idea of the general format of advertisements.

Include an image, your name, details of the artwork, price, contact information, and where more artworks can be viewed. Keep it short, organized and to the point.


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Have you ever posted advertisements for your artworks at Facebook (Oodle) Marketplace and classified groups?

What are your experiences? Did you sell anything?

Do you have any associated tips to share with our readers?

Your comments are very much appreciated!

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