painting a dayMany of you have probably heard of daily painters. Daily painting is the practice of creating a painting a day, for a certain time period. This is something that requires much preparation before taking on the task.

The painting a day movement originally began with Duane Keiser a few years ago, and caught on rapidly. Back then, Duane completed a small painting every single day, posted them to his blog, and auctioned them at Ebay.



For those who think they are ready to do the same, there are certain preparations and things to consider. Realize that this is an ambitious project and requires time and discipline.

Listed below are some steps to prepare for your own daily painting project.


Steps to Prepare for a Painting a Day Project


  1. Decide on a period of time.

    setting timeMany choose 30 days, especially for their first time doing this. If you are wildly successful, that time can be extended of course.

    You can decide to do a painting a day for 5 days a week, then take two days off. The format is up to you.

  2. Create a list of ideas for paintings.

    If the time period is 30 days, prepare a list of possible themes much more than that, maybe 100. The point is to have plenty to choose from when it comes time to paint, so you never feel uninspired.

  3. Prepare reference photographs or subjects to paint.

    If you work primarily from photographs, have a large number of those on hand. For those who prefer painting plein air or from life, have all your painting subjects ready.

  4. Purchase plenty of art supplies.

    oil paint art supplyThis includes everything from brushes, paint, canvases, painting medium, and everything associated with painting. The surface for painting is typically very small, maybe postcard size, around 6X8”.

    To save money, consider purchasing a sheet of board and getting it cut into small sections. Then prime each piece with artists gesso.

  5. Create a blog associated with your daily paintings.

    Include the phrase painting a day or daily painters in the title. Write a few posts in preparation for your daily painting project. Maybe include a countdown widget on your blog to build anticipation of the event.

  6. Inform all your online contacts and lists about your new art blog.

    If you have a newsletter, send out an email to those subscribers. Also, end a message to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ followers.

  7. Prepare a sample Ebay auction listing, and write-up for your main page.

    Include a short artist statement and bio. This can be can be copy and pasted each time you list a new painting. All you will have to add is a photo and details about the particular artwork.

  8. Have a camera ready to photograph your paintings.

    digital cameraAlso have Photoshop or free software such as Gimp installed on your computer to properly resize, crop, and fix brightness/contrast in images. We have tutorials on this subject at the following pages:

    Photographing Artwork for the Web
    My Digital Camera Settings
    Preparing Art for the Internet

  9. Organize your painting area.

    Everything should be in its own spot to save you time in searching for painting supplies.


Bonus Tips for Daily Painters


  1. Create your own Website!Minimize your palette to save on paint, and have less clean-up.

  2. Realize that you will have to budget your time. Set a certain time period for painting and clean-up. Then, allow time for photographing and posting your artwork to your blog.

  3. Try to set a specific time for publishing your blog post, preferably the same time everyday. This will help readers of your art blog know when to expect an update.

  4. After publishing, promote your blog post. Send it out to Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else you have a profile online.

  5. After you sell a painting, update it at your art blog as SOLD right away. Having sold pieces there gives the impression that artwork is in demand.

    People who may have been thinking about buying that painting, but waited too long, may try to purchase your next painting before anyone else.


Have you ever tried doing a painting a day?

How did it work out? Do you have any tips to share with our readers concerning daily paintings?

Thank-you for your comments!!

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  1. I used to belong to a Daily Painter's group and would often paint more than one painting during a session in order to build up a "reserve" for those days I wasn't inspired. If I knew I was going to be gone for a couple of days, I'd draw from this reserve in order to keep up with my commitment.

    Being a Daily Painter is hard work and takes a lot of time and commitment. I was in a DPG for a couple of years and sold a lot paintings to people all over the world. The exposure is excellent and I networked with some wonderful artists. All in all it was a very positive experience and I would definitely do it again when I had the time.

  2. I am a daily painter. I have posted a painting a day for lets say 1300 plus paintings. It has been bitter sweet mostly sweet. No really I love it. I still paint daily even tho I work a full time job as an ICU nurse. Life is good. My site is

  3. @Angela Sullivan
    Wow.. that's ALOT of paintings. I visited your blog... love the artwork!

  4. I have just started doing a painting a day, I didn't know how to blog before so i had to post 50 days at over 2 days to catch up. But I am loving it! It is meditation! my blog is

  5. I'm just trying to get started. I've posted some paintings, but I need help on content... Write about why I'm painting? My life? Or should I keep it just simple and just post the paintings?

    Thanks for any input!

    1. Alison, if I usually know at least what I want to paint, like a flower or still life or sailboat I put it in google images and it gives me plenty of ideas. Hope it helps.

  6. @Allison Bacovillard
    Write about whatever you feel about writing at the time. This post may help...
    Thanks Allison!

  7. Thanks so much, Graham. I'm definitely going to check it out :)

  8. Thinking of doing this, but I have question. Do you start selling after the paintings are dried and then varnished and dried or don't you varnish them?

    1. Those who do a painting a day and intend to sell them right away may have to use a fast drying varnish. The other option would be to do all the paintings first, then post a different one every day for a period of time.

  9. I've been doing postcard paintings for over a year now (I didn't even know about Keiser until this past month) and started posting them to a blog to generate folks to my gallery shows. I read about Keiser when I started looking into doing a painting a day (along with MANY others) and decided to give ebay a try for my small daily works. Already I've gotten enough sales in order to put a system together for ebay. I use a Gamvar on my oil paintings, and apply it 5 days after the day painted as it's dry to touch ( I paint thin on these small paintings) and then ship 3 days after auction end. In my description I allow myself a week just in case it's tacky. So far it's working out great. It has been inspiring to release myself to try new techniques and meet collectors in the process. I'm at if you want to check me out.

  10. I see many artist doing those daily paintings, but only about 20% of those painters are worth buying... Anyway, it's a great thing for artist. They can improve their craft, grow, expand their talent and sell paintings, which is always motivating.

    Is this a hard work? Yes. You have to be artist, manager, graphic, web designer, corrector, website administrator, photographer, you have to pack and ship your paintings. It all takes time.

    Benefits? Well, if it takes just one day to do finished painting, you can sell it for lower price. People can start collect art, without spending a lot of money.. You can ship your paintings worldwide, just like letters, which is amazing! It doesn't matter where you live. I will never go to those places, but my paintings can do it!

    I sell my paintings on eBay. Please, check out my website!

  11. I've been doing a painting a day (with breaks in between) since about 2006. It's been absolutely amazing. The most incredible thing is the growth I experienced in my art. It went from crappy to okay to good to very good. Someday I'll reach excellence!

  12. thank you for you article. I am starting my 30 day challenge to paint daily today!

  13. I have thought about creating a painting everyday. It really seams like a good way to hone in on my skills. I also think I should focus on smaller paintings, normally I paint
    20" x 24" or around that size. I want to practice florals. With December being a busy month, I will use this time to prepare and start in January 2019!


Thank-you for your comment!