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energetic, warm, authentic



Music is central to my world and art. I live in Brooklyn, NYC so the city is a theme as are people and a variety of influences.


Give Em The Boot        ©Jason Gluskin


Right now oil and acrylic paint on canvas... Charcoal and pencil on paper


Jason Gluskin is a NYC based artist who was taught at an early age by his grandmother, a professional painter and artist. His vibrant style infuses expressionism, impressionism infused with modern influences.

Born in Boston, Jason moved to New York City in 2005 pursuit of his dream to follow his artistic passions. Soon, Jason started to experiment with large paintings for the first time and unveiled his work with success. He quickly secured a gallery show, broke into New York City and has generated significant press with his bold, colorful, musical style. Jason and his art have been featured on television and on short film. He has sold many originals and prints to collectors and has a global following.

He currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. Jason creates and shows his art with frequency. Jason is committed to adding something authentic and positive to the world of art. His is always developing and challenging himself artistically, stays close to his loyal fans across the world and is dedicated giving back to the greater community.



When did you first realize you were an artist?


jason gluskin NYC nightsI've been drawing since I was about 4. I was always drawn to creative endeavors.
When I was 9 or so I had an assignment for my art class to draw an inanimate object at home... I drew my Electrolux vacuum cleaner.


NYC Nights ©Jason Gluskin




Boring! Right? I remember I knew at that time that was a badass drawing of a vacuum cleaner. Never looked back. I still have that sketchbook.



It's all organic. I have a million ideas and ambitions for my work. Its a matter of filtering through and finding what is right at the time.

I usually paint everything right on canvas. I wish I was a bit more calculated but its all organic and flows out of me.... I should try sketching a bit more though.




Jason Gluskin’s work has been classified as energetic, whimsical, colorful and musical. His vibrant compositions, most produced directly on canvas, are drawn from his urban surroundings, personal experiences, and a plethora of music that fills his world. He has been dubbed a "Rock N' Roll Painter" by the press.


Where do your ideas come from?


gluskin jason jazz trioIdeas are everywhere... all around us. A combination of a lot of things... You just select and choose the best of them. I take the greatness of my influences (art, music, books, politics, people) and the best part of myself... and try and express all that.
I believe in always adding something positive and authentic to the world.


The Jazz Trio               ©Jason Gluskin

Why create art?

There is no "why". It just is who am I and what I do. It is like saying why do you eat or breathe... this is the thing I have been blessed with. We all have strengths...
... and I can't play basketball that well, so that's out!


Do you paint often?

Whenever my energy and time allows. At least a few days a week. I wish I had more time. Its one of the greatest pleasures of my life.


mixmaster jason gluskinWhat is the best painting you ever did?

Hmmmm... I think the word "best" is very subjective. I feel it is all an evolution and growth. In each phase and period of my life and artistic path, I create good art and bad art.... you know what works. You just feel it. It comes out of you sometime as raw perfection... sometimes its a it of work. You know what's good and what is sub-par.

I think the best work is when you really push yourself to a new level.
But sometimes you try and recreate what was good in the past. It never works. You must start again with a new canvas, a new perspective, a new challenge or idea.


The Mixmaster            ©Jason Gluskin



What is the role of the artist in society?

Art itself has a variety of roles... expression, escapism, a channel to portray variety of ideas.
Artists? A lot of them are crazy haha... I think I'm pretty grounded.


Do you make money from your art?

I am flattered that I have a very strong following of fans and art collectors. I sell my work at festivals, galleries and art and frame shops around the city. I have fans that buy my art online and through their friends.

I do not live solely off my art nor am I sure I want to put that much pressure on my work and production process. If and when that happens organically I'll cross that bridge.


jason gluskin central park southArt Promotion

I think Facebook is the best way to share and comment on all sorts of art and music. After that has treated me pretty well... I tend to get a lot of press which is great.



Central Park South       ©Jason Gluskin




Expressionists, Picasso, Van Gogh, Matisse, Degas, Dali, lots and lots more.


Artist Recommendation

Justin Bua's work has been an influence. I was fortunate enough to have a show with him a few months ago. There are many other contemporary artists who I love.


Interesting Experience

I had a great experience a few years back where I met Ozzy Osbourne at work. He was a really nice guy.


po man's blues jason gluskinDid you ever feel like quitting being an artist?

There have been periods of my life where its gotten busy and art has taken the back burner... but it's always within me... that burning energy to create an awesome image or piece of work is there.

I look forward to continuing the creative process through out my life.



Po Man's Blues           ©Jason Gluskin




Where do your art career in 10 years?

Constantly developing and growing my style, connecting with fans across the globe and growing within the art community.


Advice for Artists

Keep your nose to the grind. Always.


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