chev6 pearl rogersPearl Rogers

Western Australia

Gentle, colourful, mischievous

I'm a mature age artist, mostly self taught, who has come to the art world late in life & trying to make up for lost time.



Chev 6 ©Pearl Rogers



I grew up in the agricultural regions of West Australia, have lived most of my life farming, so not much contact with art except for images in books, I remember as a child my mother often showing me pictures of Albert Namatjira's art, which I was in awe of & I guess it would have influenced me quite a bit, I loved drawing & colouring in, something I have often done over the years, something I especially enjoyed doing with my children.

I have always felt a yearning to be able to create art, but not having the knowledge as to how to do it & having this strong urge to create, I have done many crafts over the years. Then upon retirement I found myself in a position to take a class in folk art, well that did it, as soon as that brush was in my hand I felt as if I had come home.


I'm cute arn't II very quickly outgrew the folk art though, I wanted to create my own pictures, so after just 3 months of folk art & the confidence it had given me I headed for the library & all their art books & carried on my own art education. 12 months after first picking up a brush I got brave enough to enter an art exhibition, the second time I entered I won my first highly commended, I had done it! my lifelong dream had been realized, & now I'm making up for lost time.



I'm Cute Arn't I           ©Pearl Rogers






When was the first time you knew you were an artist?   

I wasn't quite sure when I could call myself an artist, when I won my first award I wondered, am I yet?, it was not till I had won another & made a sale that I really feel I was an artist.



Realism, some say photo realism but I disagree as I don't just copy a photo, art judges have called it Hyper real.



Acrylic mostly, some graphite, pen & ink.


Technique and Process   

That’s hard, I always say I work by gut instinct (I follow my inner feelings) a painting will usually be in my mind being sorted & rearranged for a week or more before I'm ready to start work on creating it physically.

I usually work from the back to the front of the painting, & just see what’s needed as I go along, sometimes rearranging things. (I'm not very good at explaining things, I wouldn't make a teacher)


leaf artist pearl rogersTHEMES   

Rural, mostly rustic. animals & wildlife, with a bit of fantasy on the side.


Where do you find your ideas?   

From memory, drives in the country, watching all the wildlife & flowers.
& some strange things that minds can just seem to come up with all by themselves.



Leafartist ©Pearl Rogers



Why create art?    

Because it's an inner burning desire thing that won't be ignored & demands release.


How often do you create art?   

Every day, yes, even Christmas day.


What is the best painting you ever created?   

I think every one is my best, because each just leaves me totally blown away that I could have created it, me! it's like a beautiful gift that has been bestowed on me.


cow of a yearWhat role does the artist play in society?   

The artist records history for future generations, art reaches out & touches people around the world, it can lift people when they are down or create controversy, art is a very important part of society.

A Cow of a Year            ©Pearl Rogers


Do you support yourself with your art?   

No, but it does pay for itself.



I have a blog which I set up mainly as a display for when people ask what sort of art do I do & where can they see it, I send them there. I also now have a Facebook page which I enjoy for being able to interact with people much easier & network with other artists.


leafrider pearl rogersINFLUENCES   

Albert Namatjira would be the first, I love M.C.Escher's work, but I greatly admire Australian artist Tony Moffitt, & I have had much encouragement from local west Aussie watercolour artist John Ainsworth.




Leafrider ©Pearl Rogers



Funny Memory   

Creating art is much more fun than laying flat on your back after slipping in a wet smelly, mucky sheep-yard with a mob of sheep standing around you having a good laugh at your expense.


Where do you see yourself as an artist in 10 years?   

Hopefully still creating beautiful art.


FJ miniature pearl rogersEmerging Artists Advice

Do what feels right for you, listen to your gut instincts, don't copy others work & you will find your own style much faster, & remember to enjoy every step, there are no failures, you just changed your mind & decided to add that extra something.

FJ ©Pearl Rogers


Pearl Rogers

Rustic Rural & Wildlife Artist

Art Blog: Pearls Art

Facebook Page: Pearl Rogers Art

Thank-you Pearl!

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