selling art onlineThe internet is filled with opportunities for artists to sell art. It it so easy to feel overwhelmed by all that is available. There are hundreds of forums, social networks, artist websites, blogging platforms, and more scattered across the internet.

Finding what works best for you may be a long, arduous process. Most artists are not trained marketers. But, to be successful online, artists have to learn some things about marketing art.

For those artists new to the internet world, this list should save you lots of time and effort. These are places to focus your efforts for selling your art online.




The Best Places to Sell and Market Art Online


  1. Having Your Own Artist Website

    artist website wwwThe foundation of online efforts is normally an artist website. The reason why I say “normally” is because in some cases artists have success without an art site. Some artists are having huge successes with Ebay, while others are selling often at sites such as, Zazzle  and Fine Art America.

    Why do you think this is? It is because they found their little corner in the internet world, learned what works and what doesn’t, and built their audience there. Then, they promote this both online and offline. It’s as simple as that.

    Create your own Website!I know I recommend lots of online gallery and print on demand services at Artpromotivate, but the sole purpose of this is to let you know what is there, so you can make your own informed decision on where to place emphasis.

    What I really recommend for artists who are just beginning online, is for them to either build a self-hosted website, or find one free site to promote. Of course, the better choice would be to start building your own website. But, if you are looking for a fast way to get your work on the internet, a free online portfolio would be the natural choice. But, in the meantime while you promote your art there, work on getting your very own portfolio.

    When it is finally built, add the link in the free site and send out an announcement to your friends there about your new site. Many of them will undoubtedly be happy about your achievement, and will follow you there as well.

  2. Selling Artwork with Art Blogs

    art bloggingArt blogs are very effective for selling art, especially when connected to an online portfolio website.

    The key here is consistency. Try to post regularly, even if you do not have an artwork to feature. Blogs are perfect for building a relationship with your audience. In them, let your readers see what you are up to and what your artwork is all about. Always let them know that your art is for sale.

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  3. Fine Art America

    print on demandFind ONE online gallery or print on demand service to focus your online print making efforts. There are dozens available, but in my opinion, the best of these is Fine Art America. Fine Art America is packed with features for promoting art and selling it, and they are adding more regularly.

    If your intention is to network with other artists, by all means join as many as you can. But, the best way of establishing a presence online is to find a place for yourself.

    If you join too many you run the risk of losing focus. One site is easier to keep track of than a dozen. Whatever site you choose it is important to spend time there every single day. Try to upload a new item periodically, and notify everyone in your social circles about it. Let friends on Facebook, Linked in, Twitter, and other social networks know about your new update. Blog about it and email your list if you have one.

  4. Facebook Pages

    Facebook symbolThere are artists who are selling art simply by using Facebook pages. They network with fans and buyers by means of their pages, posting new artworks regularly.

    Facebook contains everything an artist would need to market art. It has albums, an easy way to post updates, private messaging, and more. Since more people are familiar with Facebook, it may be easier to gather a following and sell art through this venue.

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  5. Build an Email List and Newsletter

    artist newsletterBegin building an email list of contacts of art buyers and artists. Ask people for emails at art shows and art fairs (ie include a email heading in your guestbook – “Signup for my Newsletter”) Email these people regularly concerning new events, art shows, and more. Fill them in on what your art is about.

    Let them know your artworks are available online through an artist website, print on demand service, etc.

    Why are these people so important? These people have met you in person and know your art. They may not have purchased right away, but by keeping in contact with them, they can follow your progress. By doing so, you keep their eyes on your art, and increase the likelihood of eventual sales.


This list should simplify marketing art for those who are just beginning online promotions. This is where I recommend to focus your efforts. Budget your time, and don’t get distracted!

Have you sold any artworks online? Where did the contact originate – from your art website, Facebook, your newsletter list, print on demand services or online stores (ie Etsy), or your art blog? 

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  1. Hey Graham, great article! You touched on a lot of info I've been wondering about myself. I have found a facebook "fan page" is a great way to get out there, and a personal website...however I have not tried blogging or e-mail newsletters yet. Thanks!

  2. Great list, Graham, and thoughtfully presented. Thank you!


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