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Featured Artists of Artpromotivate


nancy corderman michael gaudet iris scott fingerpainting
Nancy Jo Corderman

Nancy is a digital artist from Arizona, USA. She works mainly in abstraction and design in digital format.

She also is the creator of the Blue Chip Project, a digital art collaboration project. For details on this, and how you can take part, please visit her Facebook page at the above spotlight link.

Michael Gaudet

Michael Gaudet is a painter, muralist, and portrait artist from Saskatchewan, Canada. He owns an art gallery called G&G Gallery and Gifts.

Please visit his blog at the bottom of his spotlight interview, where he talks about his impressive mural commission, the self-proclaimed “largest free-standing mural in the world”.

Iris Scott

Iris Scott is an artist from Seattle, USA who specializes in finger-painting with oil paint. She puts on latex gloves and uses oil paint straight from the tubes to apply paint to the canvas.
Iris’ paintings are impressionistic and full of color, and she paints landscapes, still lifes, flowers, fish, and a variety of themes from life.
andre deherrera fineart bob hughes chana helen
Andre Deherrera 

  Andre Deherrera creates hyper-realistic and surreal images in the digital medium using digital 3d modelling software. His minimalist, surrealistic scenes are influenced by his background in science.
Bob Hughes

Bob Hughes is a digital and traditional artist, art tutor and demonstrator from the United Kingdom.

He works in a variety of mediums, including oils, watercolor, acrylics, pastel, pencil , and more.

Chana Helen

Chana Helen is a British born Jewish artist living in Jerusalem, Israel.

Chana’s mediums are watercolor, oils, and lino printing. Her paintings are inspired by Jewish celebrations and life.

davide barbanera abstract david galchutt illustration david parfitt sculpture

Davide Barbanera

Davide Barbanera is a geometric minimalist artist from Italy.

His main themes are nature and secret silence.

David Galchutt

David Galchutt is a painter and illustrator from California, USA.
His mediums are watercolors and oils, and themes include landscapes, still lifes, etc.
David Parfitt

David Parfitt is a sculptor from England, UK who creates installation art, monumental sculptures, and public art. He works in plastic, steel, wood, stone and more.
davie hunt duncan long illustration eleanor brownridge
Davie Hunt

Currently residing in Buckinghamshire, England, Davie Hunt creates conceptual and abstract expressionism pieces from digital found objects such as LCD panels, processor units, and hard disk drives.
Duncan Long

Duncan Long is a book illustrator from Midwest, USA.

He works with several publishers to create covers and illustrations for books. Duncan’s illustrations are done in the digital medium.
Eleanor Brownridge
Living in Ontario, Canada, Eleanor Brownridge creates sculptures from glass.

She also creates wall hangings, fusion glass, stained glass, pot melt glass, and more, influenced by nature.
frencene levinson heatherbell barlow heidi keyes watercolor
Francene Levinson

USA artist Francene Levinson creates stunning sculptures with folded paper. She uses the Chinese modular paper folding technique  called “Zhe Zhi” to create these marvellous, intricate sculptures.
Heatherbell Barlow

Heatherbell Barlow, an artist from Devon, United Kingdom, creates landscape and seascape paintings.

Inspired by nature, her style is naturalistic-impressionism.
Heidi Keyes

Heidi Keyes is a travel artist from Denver, Colorado. She creates landscapes, cityscapes, and cultural paintings from her travels. Heidi works in a variety of mediums, including acrylics, recycled materials, and spray paint.
neil stewart painting jacky murtaugh painting jacqui hawk fineart
Neil Stewart 
Neil Steward is a visual artist from Wellington, New Zealand who creates paintings in acrylic. He paints landscapes, cityscapes, plants, animals, and native birds of New Zealand.
Jackie Murtaugh

Jackie Murtaugh, a British artist painter living Adelaide, Australia, paints lanscapes, seascapes, trees, and abstracts.
Her main mediums are acrylic and oil paint.
Jacqui Hawk

Jacqui Hawk is a Boston, USA artist who creates in many mediums, including mixed media, glass, wax, oil, acrylic, gesso, and more. Her abstract and expressionist paintings  have prominent texture.
jason gluskin art john neville cohen joy hutchins pop art
Jason Gluskin

Jason Gluskin is an expressionist painter from Brooklyn, New York City, USA. He has been termed a “Rock N’ Roll Artist” because of his musical themes and paintings of rock and blues bands.
John Neville Cohen

John Neville Cohen is a photographic fine artist living in Spain. His photographic manipulations are based on fantasy and nature. John promotes his work at art fairs, as well as on the internet.
Joy Hutchins

Joy Hutchins, a USA artist, creates sculpture from vinyl tubing, cord, and industrial PVC pipe, and other materials. Her main themes are words and numbers, and her work has been labelled as pop art.
judy perrin kimberlee rocca larry cwik photography
Judy Perrin

Judy Perrin is a fantasy and wildlife artist from England.

She works in a variety of media, including oil paint and colored pencils.
Kimberlee Rocca

USA fine artist Kimberlee Rocca’s main medium is foil imaging. She uses a process involving pressure and heat to apply foil leaf to a surface. She works on themes such as the human spirit, wholeness, completion, and more.
Larry Cwik

Larry Cwik is an artist dwelling in Pacific Northwest, USA whose main artistic mediums are drawing, photography, and short film. His style is influenced by mystery, beauty, and surrealism. 
laurie frietag liana goroian lisa aerts painting
Laurie Freitag

Laurie Frietag is a fine art photographer who shoots close-up shots of rarely recorded subjects. She dwells on themes of beauty and upliftment, and saturated colors: red, purple, yellow, and orange.
Liana Goroian

Liana Gor is an artist from Los Angeles, California who creates mostly stylized and fantasized portraiture.
She creates in a variety of mediums, including watercolor, oil, acrylic, mixed media, and digital art.
Lisa Aerts

Lisa Aerts, an artist from St. Petersburg, Florida, works in many mediums: oils, watercolor, pencils, ink, pastels, and acrylic. Themes of love, warmth, and comfort are the focus of her seascapes, and wildlife paintings.
lynette williams fabric medusa hiroko sakai mike filippello
Lynette Williams

Lynette Williams is a fabric collage artist from Michigan, USA. She uses differing types of fabric and fuses them into collages based on themes of nature, portraiture, etc.
Hiroko Sakai

Hiroko Sakai is a relocated Japanese artist who currently lives and creates from San Francisco, USA. Her surreal and illustrative oil paintings are based on Japanese themes and life.
Mike Filippello

Mike Filippello is a folk artist and illustrator from western New York , USA.

He paints scenes of little towns and villages, including people, cars, and people.
monika mori abstract paul buford art pearl rogers wildlifeart
Monika (Moo) Mori

Monika Mori is an abstract expressionist painter from Austria. Her favorite theme is the circle, and uses this in much of her art. Monika uses oils, acrylics, and oil pastels to create her works of art.
Paul Buford

Paul Buford paints illustrative images of classic cars, motorcycles, and images that bring us back to a time past. For his art, he works in oils, acrylics, watercolor, and ceramics.
Pearl Rogers

Pearl Rogers, a fine artist from Western Australia, creates photo realistic images of rustic scenes, animals, and plants. Her mediums are pen and ink, graphite, but mostly acrylic paint.
piano as art piotr wolodkowicz reina cottier art
Piano as Art

Piano as Art is a collaboration project between Shauna Holiman and Penny Putnam.

They work together to create collages and sculptures from discarded piano parts.
Piotr Wolodkowicz

Piotr Wolodkowicz is a fine artist from Chicago, USA who currently specializes in portraits of trees.
His landscapes and nature portraits are inspired by looking at them from the point of view of a child.
Reina Cottier

Reina Cottier is a fine artist from Auckland, New Zealand who mainly works in the acrylic medium. She creates in a variety of themes, including movement, love, growth, cosmos, light, energy, etc.


rob heath orangecascade sadie jane samar asamoah artwork
Rob Heath

Rob Heath is an abstract expressionist from Loire, France who has painted landscapes, urban skylines, the twin towers, and cityscapes. He concentrates on acrylic as a medium, but has used oils as well.
Sadie Jane

Sadie Jane, a Newfoundland, Canada visual artist, current themes are faceless women and wildlife. She works with acrylic for her paintings, but has also dabbled in photography, ceramics, metal, and fabric as mediums.
Samar Asamoah

Yezarck Art from Newcastle, UK artist Samar Asamoah. Samar’s art is influenced by African tribal art and Arabic art. 
Samar’s mediums are glass engraving, lino cuts, etching, oil painting, and acrylics.
sarah shaw painting scott hile flower sea dean daisychain
Sarah Shaw

Brighton UK artist Sarah Shaw works in oils to produce semi-abstract paintings based on themes of memory, time, nature of the mind, loss, morality, and beauty.
Scott Hile

Scott Hile is an artist, designer, and photographer from Arizona, USA. For his paintings, Scott works primarily in acrylic, but also uses materials such as oil, metal, wood, glass, etc.
Sea Dean

Sea Dean’s main theme is nature, as seen in her seascape, landscape, and floral paintings. Sea Dean creates with acrylics, mediums, and water soluble oils.
shana rowe artist shukla chowdhury abstractexpressionism steven linebaugh
Shana Rowe

Shana L Rowe is a fine artist from Maine, USA. Shana works in a variety of mediums for her abstract and impressionistic artworks – acrylics, oils, watercolors, glass painting, etc.
Shukla Chowdhury

Shukla Chowdhury, a fine artist from India, creates abstract impressionistic paintings from acrylic and oils, and also dabbles in print making, installations, and sculpture. Her main theme is nature.
Steven Linebaugh

Steven Gordon Linebaugh is a visual artist from Texas, USA who paints in the realism and impressionism styles. Night scenes and landscapes, painted with oils and pastels, are his main themes.
sylvia fuller painting teresa dye rose teresa young art
Sylvia Fuller

Sylvia Fuller is a California, USA artist who expresses herself in a wide variety of mediums. She has worked on many themes, including portraiture, abstracts, dancers, and more.
Teresa Dye

Teresa Dye hails from New Jersey, United States and creates hyper-realistic paintings of botanicals such as daisies, roses, and leaves. Her main mediums are acrylic and oil pastel.
Teresa Young

Teresa Young is a painter from Nova Scotia, Canada who paints and draws surreal and flowing images in the abstract expressionism style. Her mediums are pen and ink, pencil, and acrylic.
tina marie flower photography tina marohn art tracey snyman artwork
Tina Marie

Tina Marie is a fine art photographer from the U.S.

She shoots close-up photographs of flowers that are abstracted and full of color.
Tina Marohn

Tina Marohn is an artist from Washington, U.S. who paints landscapes, cat portraits, and moments in her travels. Her mediums are watercolors, acrylic, glass, and oils.
Tracey Snyman

Tracey Snyman hails from South Africa and paints wildlife, birds, horses, and pets. Her mediums are pastel, graphite, colored pencil, watercolors, acrylic, and oils.
virginia wilson poppies art wade edwards painting  
Virginia Wilson

Virginia Wilson is a Florida, U.S.A. artist who paints in the medium dye on silk. Themes for her impressionistic silk paintings come from her spiritual journey, nature, and inner nature.
Wade Edwards

Wade Edwards is an artist from Newfoundland, Canada, formerly dwelling in Vancouver, B.C. His oil and acrylic paintings have themes of Newfoundland, floral, and portraiture.

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