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The Way She Sees It

Tolerant, Motherly, Hopeful


I have always seen the potential in an object. As far back as I can remember, it was extremely gratifying being creative. I can remember being in awe in a simple object as a branch, leaf, or wildlife.

As I advanced through the years it would be my emotions about life that would inspire me the most.







Carmina - oil on canvas ©Sylvia Fuller




When did you first know you were an artist?

4 years old. Watching my mother paint or my father write music.... made sense to me.
I made things all the time from a fort to a drawing.



Everything is a potential medium.


Technique and Process   

My eyes, ears, heart, mind evokes inspiration. It is like a spark that ignites a fire. A poem or human experience for instance, sparks instantly a picture in my imagination.....the process is finding the objects and then applying skill and technique for the outcome.


flamenco sylvia fullerWhy do you create art?    

Have you ever read an amazing novel? Why would a person stop at one novel when so many are written. Why make something and then stop? I cannot imagine putting my paint brushes or potter's wheel in storage. Creating is a function that represents a huge part of me.



Flamenco – watercolor ©Sylvia Fuller



How often do you create?

Daily and sometimes as I sleep


What is the best artwork you ever created?   

Oil paintings I title passionately me and my installation art.

The paintings really represent intense emotions in me. They are my works that represent my life course on a very personal level. The installations represented how I felt about other people/world issues.


What role does the artist play in society?   

The same as all humans....contribute to the good of all.


caught in a storm


The girls that were from Japan when I was 10. They were amazing cooks and artists.
My sister and I encouraged each other.


Caught in a Storm - aged slake lime/panel ©Sylvia Fuller




Personal development
So much is happening....


Can you recommend a contemporary artist?   

"A" as in one? No, there are too many that I admire...I can and will always be drawn to women such as....Laurie Anderson, Marina Abramovic, Shirin Neshat, Annie Dillard to name a few. They see differently. I wish others could see beyond the obvious.

Then I would probably say: Tadema, cubist era, recently Andrey Zadorin, the list goes on. They are amazing! Inspirational!


bows new flower sylviafullerPlease tell us something interesting in your life.     

I love to hike and Yosemite is one of my favorite spots to explore. Every year I pick a spot to hike and love the feeling of being in the wilderness. One year, many years back, my girlfriend asked me to hike up to Half-Dome with her. Her knees were beginning to fail her and she wanted to hike it one more time and with me! Now I have always said, "Lavida is the one I will probably die with if it ever happens in a weird way"! We hike all the way to the top and she kept telling me about a spot that is famous for taking pics because it looks like you are dangling off the face of the earth.


Bow’s New Flower – watercolor ©Sylvia Fuller


She takes me to it, I instantly refuse to go to the spot but she does. She walks to the end, comes back, and asks me to help her up. I did not want to because it looked like one could slip and go right off the edge due to the angle of the rock she was on. Well needless to say I offered her my hand and it was slippery!!!! Scary!!!! We make it back to camp and guzzled our well deserved beers. The next day she looks quite worn out and tells me it was the wrong rock and she could not sleep thinking that she almost slipped to the very edge!


swan lake sylvia fullerOne of these days I will complete a wheel thrown vase with a relief of her sliding to the edge of





Swan Lake watercolor ©Sylvia Fuller



Where do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?

Hopefully traveling more, coming home to a decent studio.


Advice for emerging artists:   

Keep a tidy studio:) Saves you time and energy looking for tools...


Sylvia Fuller

The Way She Sees It

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Thank-you Sylvia!

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