christine streimer canada artistChristine E. Striemer ~CES~

Sask., Canada

I am an artist living in Saskatchewan, Canada. I paint everyday.


When Will I Be Loved? ©Christine E. Striemer


When did you first know you were an artist?   

I realized I really enjoyed painting in my early years in art class. I would often use up my lunch hour recess to paint in the art room.



My parents soon realized my affinity for painting and bought me an easel and some oil paints. I don't consider myself good at other types of art including drawing. A pencil on paper feels too flat for me. I feel the need to be able to mold a colorful substance into shape.



I produce all styles of art: landscapes, still lifes, abstracts, dark arts, portraits, and everything under the sun. I love color and light, but I also have a darker side. I like to appeal to all audiences with my paintings. You will rarely find me creating two similar paintings in a row. If I painted a landscape yesterday, I would be painting a still life today and an abstract tomorrow. I would get extremely bored if I was painting the same thing with the same palette everyday.


dreaming againMEDIUM   

I now solely use acrylic paints. I enjoy the fast drying time because I can immediately put the painting up for sale. I have dabbled in oils and have recently been thinking about picking them back up once in awhile.



I typically do a quick sketch of my subject on the canvas with paint and then start blocking in color. I can tell when I'm really into the painting when I take very few breaks.
For abstracts, the process is a little different. There is no sketching and usually no real plan. They tend to be very passionate with quick strokes and I take no breaks at all. An abstract day is a loose and fun day.



Dreaming Again ©Christine E. Striemer





I paint so many different subjects and styles that I'm not sure I have a theme. I think my "feathery" backgrounds can be noted. You'll find them in the background of a lot of the subjects I take on: abstract trees, portraits, and still lifes. I also like to put thick, rippley texture underneath my darker arts portraits. The vieny ripples add depth and an even creepier effect to the image.


once upon a daisyWhere do you find your ideas?   

I am constantly thinking about painting. I often find myself looking at something and going through the process of painting it in my mind; the colors, the technique, the shading, etc. I am constantly envisioning paintings before I fall asleep and I often dream about painting. Inspiration is all around.



Once Upon a Daisy ©Christine E. Striemer


Why do you make art?    

I once read a quotation that said, "If you do something you love for a living, you'll never have to work another day in your life." I don't think I could ever go back the humdrum of a regular 9-5 job. I love what I do. I love reaching people through my paintings. I will never retire and hope to paint until my last breath.


How often do you create?    

I paint almost everyday. When I'm not painting I'm thinking about it. I often feel guilty when I have to neglect my brushes for a day.


breakme christine streimerWhat is the best artwork you ever created?   

"When Will I Be Loved?" is my all-time favorite. It is not for sale and will stay with me forever. It was born out of one of those passionate creative processes I described above for my abstracts. I can not explain where it came from except that it simply fell out of me. It is such an emotionally powerful piece and I am extremely attached to it.





Break Me ©Christine E. Striemer






Do you make a living with your art?    

Yes. I sell my work through many different venues. I spend almost as much time on the computer promoting myself as I do painting. I use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, EBSQ, Daily Paintworks, eBay, my website, Blogger, and local online classifieds.


seasons landscape paintingArt Promotion   

If I had to use only two sites to promote my work, I would use Daily Paintworks and Facebook.








Seasons ©Christine E. Striemer






All artists influence my work. Every painting I look at has an effect on me and gives me inspiration. The most notable artists in history for me are Caspar David Friedrich, Francisco José de Goya y Lucientes (especially The Black Paintings), and J.M.W. Turner (note the feathery strokes in his landscapes).


nevermore christine streimerCan you recommend a contemporary artist?   

Right now I am absolutely in love with Francoise Neilly's work for the use of color and technique.



Nevermore ©Christine E. Striemer


Did you ever feel like giving up art?   

In the beginning, yes, several times. Its not that I wanted to give up on it, but financial pressures almost forced me to. I have to really give kudos to my husband for supporting me during those slow times in the beginning. I had to convince him that I can be successful at this if I am persistent and he allowed me to be persistent.


Advice for Online Artists   

Use the internet to your advantage. It is a valuable marketing tool.


Christine E. Striemer ~CES~

Saskatchewan, Canada

Website: Paintings by CES

Twitter: @paintingsbyces

Facebook Page: CESPaintings

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