bucket fountain neil stewartNeil Stewart

His Art and His World

Thoughtful, passionate, artistic 
Born in Wellington, New Zealand in 1966.

I've always had an interest in art, but I've never pursued those interests. Until recently. Now those interests have turned into a passion, a living dream.

I've always been interested in art, but I've never had the will or confidence to take the steps to learn. Work always got in the way, or maybe I was making excuses. Only recently I decided to give it a go and to my amazement, I been successful to date.

Bucket Fountain            ©Neil Stewart




Contemporary. Mostly landscapes. I love painting my world, the world I see everyday.


MEDIUM    Acrylic and open acrylic



I'm new to art and I'm still developing these. I like to get a nice rich base down and slowly build up a depth of colours, roughly, and gradually refining the images down as the layers go on. I can get pretty obsessed with getting it looking right, to my eye, not necessarily to the original image.


spring forest neil stewartTHEMES   

Landscape and city scenes. Native flora and fauna. Native birds.



Spring Forest                ©Neil Stewart




Where do you find ideas?   

My city, my world, the images I see in my everyday life.


Why create art?   

I create art to share the beauty I see in the world. As a photographer does, only with painting. I can add my own version of the image I see, as I see it.


How often do you paint?    

Not as often as I would like, as I'm only doing it part time. I've always got an artwork or two in progress though. Even if it takes a while to finish it.


road trip neil stewartWhat is the best artwork you ever painted?   

Bucket Fountain. This fountain is an icon in the city I live. Everyone has an opinion on it, good or bad. People who were brought up in Wellington remember it fondly. I think I captured it's presence in the painting.


Road Trip Desert Road     ©Neil Stewart


What role does the artist play in society?   

The artist brings color and light to society. A dull and dreary day can be brightened up with a visit to an art gallery. Art in the home or office can totally transform a place, it becomes a focus point. A little ray of sunshine.


Do you make a living from your art?    

No I don't, but one day, I hope I will.


moonlit swamp neil stewartArt Promotion   

Facebook is my main way of promoting my art. Then I would say my website, but I need to promote my website on Facebook to get the numbers to view it.



My art tutor Margaret Feeney was my main influence providing the encouragement I needed to give me confidence in myself. There are many local artists and artists around the world that influence me. I look at their art and think "wow, I want to paint like that, it's amazing"


Moonlit Swamp                 ©Neil Stewart


Please recommend a contemporary artist?   

Charles Goldie, a New Zealand artist from the early 1900's. He painted a lot of portraits of Maori men and women. His paintings really captured the subjects. Truly amazing and inspirational.
Please let us know something interesting in your life.    

I think a very interesting thing in my life is becoming an artist. My friends who I've known for 20 years or more and don't see that often due to other commitments (family , work etc) are amazed. I myself am amazed, I was thinking one day how quickly this was happening, then I realized it was a dream and I would wake up. I waited to wake up, I didn't, it was real. The day I sold my first gallery painting, to a complete stranger, I cried. I'm not sure why I cried, I think it was a lot of built up emotion.


kererus feast neil stewartDo you ever feel like giving up creating art?   

No. I started art in my 40's. I love it. If I give up, what's the point. It takes me away from the dull and stressful things in life. It's an avenue of escape. You can forget about life while your painting.

Kereru's Feast               ©Neil Stewart


In 10 years, where would you like to see yourself as an artist?   

I see myself as being a full time artist, not making a great income, but being able to pay the bills. I hope I can have my own space to paint and gallery.


Advice for aspiring and emerging artists?   

As I'm an aspiring/emerging artist myself, I'm always looking to get advice from other artists. I would say, Don't give up, you need to believe in yourself.


Neil Stewart

His Art and His World

New Zealand, Wellington

Art Website: Neil Stewart Art

Facebook Page: Neil's Art

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