facebook promote art groupI have just created a new group at Facebook entitled Artpromotivate – Promote Your Art! Facebook groups has great features that pages do not have, including the ability to add members by anyone, events, and group chat. I have taken part in many Facebook groups in the past, and decided to create a special forum where artists can join, promote their art, but all members are encouraged to invite a few friends.


facebook group membersOne of the great features of Facebook groups that I like is the ability for anyone to add members. To invite your friends and artist contacts, simply click inside the text box on the right of the group page, and enter their name. To add multiple people, just type a letter or a word, such as “art”, like I did at the right. A few of your Facebook friends popup, and you can choose who to invite. There seems to be a limit of 47 per day, so you will have to wait 24 hours to invite more.

As this group is only for the promotion of artist’s work, websites, and events, please invite only artists, art collectors, gallery owners, and art lovers at the outset. This will ensure that those who are members are actually interested in receiving the group updates. We all know how annoying it can be to be added to groups that we have no interest in, so please use your own discretion when inviting your own FB contacts.




Tips for Promote Your Art group members


  1. This group is public and an open group.

    This means that anyone can join, post, and invite others. This will ensure you receive the widest possible exposure for your promotions.

  2. Share your artworks, artist websites, art blogs, Facebook pages, and whatever else you can think of with group members. Also, if you have something interesting to say or announce, why not share it here through this forum. Let us know about your upcoming art shows and events.

  3. Upload photos and albums of your artwork.

    These will be permanently in the group collection, unless you delete them. Try to, at the very least, include your name and a website in the description of each image. Watermarking is also recommended. This will ensure that others will instantly know who created the artwork, and will be able to visit you if interested in viewing more.

  4. facebook eventsCreating Events

    If you have an upcoming art show, you may list it in the events section to be sent out to all Facebook group members. Click the Events button in the top menu to see a list of any events. Click Create an Event and fill in the details in the popup. Fill in a name, details, place, date, and time.

  5. Add your Facebook page

    Docs can be used and edited by anyone in the group. J Rebecca Trueblood suggested an interesting way of listing Facebook pages, instead of promoting them in the feed, where they are often lost.

    To include your own page in the list, go to Files, then click on artist pages. Click the Edit doc link right at the top and include your Facebook page. We ask that you also follow the rest of the pages listed there as a favour for being included on this list.


How to Join the Artpromotivate Promote Your Art Facebook Group

Joining is very simple. Simply visit the group here: Promote Your Art

Request to become a member, and wait for it to be confirmed. When you are confirmed, please invite a few of your friends as this will ensure the group keeps growing, and artists receive maximum promotion from posts.

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