site tourOur primary missions at Artpromotivate are:

  1. Artists - Regularly feature emerging and established artists through the spotlight.

  2. Promotion - To provide free tutorials to online artists to help promote.

  3. MotivateMotivate and inspire artists to continue creating through inspirational posts 

  4. Free - To freely share helpful tips on how to sell art, and attract buyers.


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  1. Artists - Regularly Feature Emerging and Established Artists through the Spotlight

    artist spotlite
    The artist spotlite is becoming more popular here with each passing week. If you check the Featured Artists page on this blog, you may see the names of those already featured. If you are accepted for our spotlight, you will not only receive a free link to your site, but can expect an influx of website visitors.

    You can have your art in the spotlight here too!

    Simply complete our interview questionnaire in your own words, and submit it to us. 

    This is the link to fill out the spotlight formSubmit to Our Artist Spotlite

    Here are some of the first artists featured here: 

    • Davide Barbanera  - From Italy, focuses on abstract, and geometric minimalism paintings.
    • Eleanor Brownridge – Living in Ontario,Canada. Mediums are fusion glass, stained glass, and sculpture.
    • Steven Linebaugh – Impressionism, realism painter of landscapes and nightscenes, from Texas, United States.
    • Francene Levinson – Abstract origami paper sculpture using Chinese technique.

  2. Promotion – To Provide Free Tutorials to Online Artists to Help Promote Art

    We have many tutorials and “how to” articles here to assist artists to promote online and offline, and are continually adding more every day! To browse through old topics please use the blog archive in the sidebar, click “art promotion” under the labels heading, or search for them using the search bar. 

    These are a few of the many topics we have covered:

  3. Motivate – Motivate and Inspire Artists to Continue Creating Through Inspiring Posts

    motivateFrom time to time, we will present motivational and inspiring posts. These are meant to encourage, and spark creativity. The main purpose of these is to tell you to not give up.. to keep going… and never stop creating!

    The list is small at the moment, but will grow as the year progresses. Please subscribe if you have not already, so you will not miss any helpful and encouraging articles!



  4. Free - To Freely Share Helpful Tips on How to Sell Art, Attract Buyers, and more

    Touch People with your Art - Click Here!
    Selling art
    may be difficult, especially for emerging artists.

    These informative posts include a myriad of especially helpful tips that you may use to succeed online and offline.

    Of course, we will always freely share them! If you have any tips or advice to freely share with our readers, please leave a comment at the end of any post.

  5. Photography and Working With Images

    Included here are various Photoshop tutorials, and image manipulation tips. When photographing, it is important to know the correct setup and camera settings. The photographs taken often have to be manipulated in software such as Photoshop, before being uploaded to the web or printed. These tutorials explore this, and more.

  6. Online Gallery and Print on Demand Websites

    There are many online gallery websites on the internet. We will be reviewing the best ones that are the most helpful to our readers.  So, be sure to check back once in a while!


  7. Miscellaneous Topics and Tutorials

    These are topics that do not fit in any particular category listed above. Be sure to browse, because there is much important and essential information to be learned.

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