linkedin for artistsLinkedin is filled with artists and art professionals of all types. I have been on Linkedin for a few years now, and I have established a fairly large network of connections there. Some seem to think that this social media platform is not as useful as others. Maybe it’s because they have not spent enough time on there, or completely fill out their profile. But, I assure you that it is very effective – but connections have to be made and maintained. Linkedin is highly recommended for all artists, and especially those who freelance, do commissions, license their artwork, or are looking to make connections in the art world.

Linked In is a business oriented social networking site and a great way for artists to promote their artwork.  It is a different type of network than Twitter or Facebook. Linked In is focussed more on businesses and corporations than personal networking. Many professionals hang out at Linkedin to find business contacts, and put up profiles to connect with others relative to their niche. These professionals post resumes, job positions, work history, skills, and more. There are many advantages of using Linked In for marketing artworks, as well as your art business.


Advantages of Linkedin Over Other Social Media Websites


  1. Linkedin is specifically for business.

    linkedin can logoOn Facebook, it is easy to be distracted by posts by others - photos of personal things, Facebook games, and constant notifications. Linkedin doesn’t have this. It is strictly for networking with other business oriented people.

  2. Privacy is Better

    In order to connect with someone, you have to prove that you know them in some way, then that person has to approve it. People cannot just connect with anyone, as with Facebook. Privacy has been a big issue on Facebook, but with Linkedin private information is much more secure. This also cuts down on potential spam connections – those who only connect just to promote their own product.

  3. Linkedin profiles show up on search engine results.

    Online, it is very important to have multiple places where others can find you. If you have a profile at Linkedin, sometimes they will find you easier because Linkedin appears at the top of many search results. Artists can include links to their art blog and website on their profile. So, if people want to learn more about you, they can easily visit you at these places.


How Artists Can Use Linkedin


  1. If you are an artist who does installations, art licensing, freelancing, and art commissions, you can connect with businesses and companies on Linkedin, and make yourself available to them.

  2. linkedin iconThere are many other artists at Linkedin. Therefore, Linkedin can be used as a place to meet other artists who do the same type of art you do. There are dozens of artists groups at Linked In where you can request a membership to connect with other artists and professionals. Artists can ask for advice there, post news of their gallery show events, find art related jobs, and find opportunities such as art competitions.


LinkedIn Tips for Artists


  1. Fill out your profile as completely as you can.

    Include employers, previous work positions, website links, resume, education, a professionally written bio, etc. The more you fill it out, the more you will be taken seriously by those looking for artists for licensing and commission work.

  2. Update your status regularly.

    Create your own Website!When you update your status at Linked In, it will show up in the updates of your Linkedin connections. Treat it differently than your Facebook or Twitter profiles. You should not be sharing personal information here. Write about new exhibitions, events,  new artworks, posts on your art blog, etc.

    Think about the type of connections you would like to make. If you are looking for commissions, post regularly that you are available for commission work, as well as what you are working on.

    Also, for those with art blogs, share your posts here along with sharing at other social networks.

  3. Update your profile regularly.

    This will also show up in the daily email which connections receive. If you get a new job, or new skill, be sure to update your Linkedin profile with this information right away.

  4. linkedin artistsGathering contacts.

    Find people who you already know who are on Linked In. Connect with gallery owners, curators, interior designers, local business people, other artists, etc. Also, find people to connect with by joining Linkedin groups and requesting a contact. When stating where you know them from, enter the group name.

  5. Recommendations

    Give and receive recommendations from other professionals. If some of your Linkedin contacts have commissioned work from you, you should request a recommendation. The best way to get recommendations is to give one to others first. Then, they will automatically be asked to give one back to you.

  6. Share artwork.

    linkedin groupsLinked In doesn’t automatically allow the posting of photos. But, you can share them by using the Behance application.  Please read this post for details: Behance Linkedin Tutorial

Do you have a profile at Linkedin? Have you found it effective for promoting your art, and receiving commissions?

You are welcome to connect with me at Linked In here:

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