vistaprint business cardsMany of you have undoubtedly heard of the free business card offer from Vista Print. They offer 250 business cards for free . What’s the catch you may be wondering? Well, the only real catch are that customers have to pay for the shipping – so you will still have to use your credit card or Paypal. Also, the Vistaprint logo is included on the back. The creation of the business cards is also only limited to 42 designs and a matte finish. I have ordered the free business cards a couple of times in the past. The quality of the cards is not the best, but what can one expect?

The free offer is obviously a lure to entice people to upgrade to better quality cards, and also add on features such as getting rid of the Vistaprint logo.

I should say, that professional quality business cards are certainly recommended, but if you are stuck for cash, the free cards maybe the way to go.

Below, I give some tips on creating ACEO’s from free Vistaprint cards. I also show you a trick for getting 4 items from Vistaprint for free, including 250 business cards, car door magnets, rubber stamps, pens, and bumper stickers, while only paying the same amount for shipping.


Vistaprint Reviews

vistaprint reviewI searched for Vistaprint reviews online and found a myriad of complaints about low quality cards, poor printing, spamming from 3rd party companies, and bad customer service. But, along with this I have found positive reviews from many satisfied customers. My advice, if ordering the free business cards (and worried about extra costs) is to ignore all the additional upgrades, which will cost extra. If you are concerned about getting spammed, do not agree to receive emails when signing up and unsubscribe from any emails you may receive.

I should say that this article is not an endorsement of Vistaprint, nor am I affiliated with them any way.

With a little creativity, you can make your free business cards into something unique and original, such as a collectable ACEO. I will give you some tips on how to do this, but first will go through the process of ordering free business cards from Vistaprint.


How to Order Free Business Cards From Vistaprint

  1. Visit Vistaprint .

  2. Click the blue Get Started button on the left.

  3. artist business cardEnter all the text to be included on your card on the left. When entering information such as job title, name, address, phone number, email, and more, this is automatically updated on the card image on the screen.

  4. Select a business card template design art the top. There are 42 to choose from, though the selection is not much if using these cards for your art business. I chose a basic brown one, but the plainer the card is the better if choosing to add color. 

  5. Click Next at the bottom when completely satisfied with your design. A popup will appear to further confirm the business card. Remember, make sure spelling and everything else is correct before proceeding, as it cannot be changed after the order is finalized.

  6. On the next page, enter an email and check the “I am a new customer” box. Fill in a name and password. If you are worried about spam emails, do not agree to receive any of the special offers emails.

  7. Click Next on the next page without agreeing to upgrade your order.

  8. Select a destination and shipping time. I chose standard shipping time of 14 days, as it’s only 7.99 for Canada.

  9. vistaprint free productsIgnore the business card holders and just click Next. Keep clicking Next until you get to the Shopping Cart.

  10. Now, instead of directly checking out right away, why not take advantage of some of the other free offers at Vistaprint. These can be added to your order without increasing the shipping. Hover your cursor over Business in the top menu.

  11. Go through the same process with Free Car Door Magnets, Rubber Stamps, Pens, and Bumper Stickers. (You can only receive 3 of these extra items for free – 4 in total, but you cannot repeat the same items without being charged) You have the option of including completely different information for each item. You will notice that each item will be added to your shopping cart without any additional cost!

  12. Finalize your order and pay with either Paypal or credit card.


Tips for Creating Your Own Unique ACEO Business Cards

  1. The business cards are basically ACEO size, and the back is plain, besides a Vistaprint logo. So, the back can be used to create an original small painting, collage, or drawing. This will cover the logo, and turn your business card into a collectable art card.

  2. Use two or three colors of acrylic paint and paint a few brush strokes on the front and back. Lay several cards on a table and use one color on each card before advancing to the next color. This can also cover over the Vistaprint logo on the back.

  3. Touch People with your Art - Click Here!Print off an image of your favourite artwork (on good quality photo paper) the exact size of the business card, and glue it to the back.

  4. Use plastic card holders for your original art cards to make them more presentable, and give the impression of a keepsake.

  5. Do you have any ideas of your own? I am very interested in hearing them. I am planning on making each business card unique, some with paint brush strokes on the front and back, and others with drawings and miniature paintings on the back. I also have about 300 plastic collector card holders on the way from Ebay, so this should serve this purpose very well.

What are your experiences with Vistaprint Business Cards ? Would you recommend them to others?

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  1. I have good experience of Vistaprint. I found it is far more affordable than many other printers, even when paying the additional extras for opting for the logo to be left off, extra editing etc - and I love in the UK too!

    I always choose the matt as it doesn't seem as cheap looking as the gloss, and I've found the quality of magnets, cards, postcards, greeting cards and banners fantastic for the price(you can tell I'm a regular customer!.

    The extra editing is ideal, as I can choose from numerous typefaces, colours, sizes, dimensions etc, add in my art and as much contact info or text as I want - tip: use the address lines for info about your service for example) You basically have a blank canvas to design your unique business card.

    They always deliver sooner than the option you tick (they give you a choice for that too, rather than a huge "one fee like it or not" kind of thing) You do have to watch for the extras and be careful not to get ticked for those once you start processing your order, but comparison services I still find Vista are the best - I just hope they stay that way!

  2. Very clever Graham, I like the ACEO/business card idea. From my research it seems collectors are quite stuck on the exact ACEO size of 2.5" x 3.5" which is awkwardly bigger than both a business card and a credit card (see my latest blog). Perhaps you could give your idea a new name like BCEO (Business Card Edition or Original) or APEO (Art Promotivate Edition or Original).

    A couple of warnings -

    1. Acrylic paint loves plastic or glass and will eventually stick if it touches. When I ship my ACEOs I wrap them in archival paper to protect them and warn my customers not to store them touching plastic or glass. I think cellophane may be safe but it doesn't have longevity and I don't know how it reacts over time.

    I would be interested if anyone else has a solution to display Acrylic ACEOs in a clear cover.

    2. Also printed business cards are not acid free and therefore not archival in nature.

  3. @Sea Dean
    Thanks Sea Dean! I may trash this idea since I would certainly rather do originals on archival acid free paper. But I can always include the business card along with the ACEO.

    I like the names though.. especially APEO.. :)

  4. The first cards I recd from Vista were like your brown ones. The font was fine on them. The next one's had font that was so small it was barely readable. So I urge caution when selecting font and size.
    The door magnet was the same way. Someone would have to be standing by my car to read it.
    Still, Vista beats the prices of most local printers.
    Thanks for the business card idea but I had a handmade business card ruin a plastic sleeve in my wallet. The print came off the card but not the plastic.

  5. Vista print is most reputable name of the printing industry known for creative designs...

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