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For this set of 10 fine artists, we have asked them the question “What is the role of the artist in society?” This question always provokes very intelligent responses from artists.


  1. Pearl Rogers

    ostridge paintingWestern Australia

    Mediums: Acrylic paint, pen and ink, graphite

    Themes: Wildlife, animals, rustic, nature, fantasy.
    Style: Realism

    What is the Role of the Artist in Society?

    The artist records history for future generations, art reaches out & touches people around the world, it can lift people when they are down or create controversy, art is a very important part of society.

  2. Teresa Dye

    fall leaves paintingNew Jersey, USA

    Mediums: Acrylic paint, oil pastel

    Themes: Botanicals, effect of light

    Style: Hyper Realism

    What Role do Artists play in Society?

    The role an artist plays in society is largely dependent on the personality of the artist and on that artist's chosen subject matter. An artist can lead, follow, uplift or provoke with their work. Art is often a reflection or extension of personality. Art is so versatile that the artist can take whatever role they wish, given the right art for a given set of social circumstances.

  3. Andre Deherra

    digital 3d artUSA

    Mediums: digital 3d modeling 

    Themes: altering physical laws, spheres, surealism 

    Style: abstract, surreal, hyper-realism

    What is the Role of the Artist in Society?

    The artist provides society with emotions, color, and texture. Scientists think up of ways to make life easier, builders and technicians turn those scientific ideas into tangible objects. These things help us - they blend our foods, put roofs over our heads, make mowing the lawn easier - but they never add real emotion. Artists come in to play on our emotions and subconscious thoughts. Amazingly, artists know how to elicit these strong feelings by creating images on canvas and clay.


  4. Neil Stewart

    bucket fountain paintingWellington, New Zealand

    : Acrylic paint 

    Themes: Birds, nature, landscapes, cityscapes

    Style: Realism, Impressionism 

    What is the Role Artists in Society?

    The artist brings color and light to society. A dull and dreary day can be brightened up with a visit to an art gallery. Art in the home or office can totally transform a place, it becomes a focus point. A little ray of sunshine.


  5. Linda Hoey

    linda hoey artistLancashire, UK

    Mediums: Photography, digital photo manipulation, metallics, paint 

    Themes: nature and landscape

    Style: Hybrid fine art photography, painting, and digital art.

    What Role do Artists have in Society?

    Artists see things in a totally different way, they challenge the boundaries of rules, society and imagination yet also keep us in touch with the past.

  6. Robbie Craig

    pine tree paintingNorthwest Territories, Canada

    Mediums: Acrylic paint

    Themes: Northern animals and landscapes

    Style: Impressionism, abstraction 

    What is the Role of the Artist in Society?

    Art is a huge part of all communities being that it creates a sense of culture! Without culture how can any community truly consider themselves a community?

  7. Catherine Armstrong

    palm tree paintingThe Bahamas

    Mediums: Acrylic, watercolors

    Themes: Nature of the Bahamas 

    Style: Realism, impressionism

    Do you make money from your art?


    A local gallery is exhibiting some of my paintings so I hoping to. I've only just started painting after a long break. Being at home looking after babies is giving me the opportunity to pick up a brush again.


  8. Alice Helwig

    cloud sky paintingCanada

    Mediums: Acrylic Paint 

    Themes: Landscapes, spirituality, skies, and clouds 

    Style: Impressionistic 

    What Role do Artists have in Society?

    Art takes us out of ourselves. It allows us to address the big questions in life. It makes us think of ourselves and mortality

  9. Darryn Rae

    abstract surreal paintingMediums: Acrylics, markers

    Themes: Faces, eyes, houses, birds, etc.

    Style: Street art, modern art 

    What is the Role of Artists in Society?

    The artist is one that takes risks, makes changes and always develops new ways at looking at old trends and shaping them into something amazing... The artist is a different bread of human with an understanding of creativity and invention.

  10. Jill Harrison

    marilyn monroe paintingAberdeenshire, Scotland

    Mediums: raw sheep’s fleece 

    Themes: animals, and portraits of movie and music stars

    Style: impressionistic, contemporary

    What Role does an Artist have in Society?


    I think a very important one, most things in life involve art forms of one way or another would be extremely dull without art wouldn't it.


How would you answer the question “What role does an artist have in society?”

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  1. These are all great answer's to the question. But they all seem like the beginnings to the answer of the question. My answer would be longer then a sentence or a paragraph. The reason is because art's role in today's society is a gigantic role. If you take art away from society, society would have a difficult time communicating. A difficult time entertaining itself and from exisiting really. Companies will have a tough time pushing their product on you. You would have nothing to watch or listen to while on your free time. In short life would be pretty plain and hard to get through.

  2. The role of an artist is usually understated and misunderstood in society. The issue is too metaphysical and quite trancendental to be discussed in a concise comment, btw.

  3. I think all of the above answers bring something a little different.

    They all blend into a smaller answer, art represents our past, our present and our future, it is like the silent teacher as it opens up the thirst for art that we artists have, it allows us to share that thirst, it allows us a venue to go where we wish to go by following our visions and looking into ourselves , it obeys no stop signs, and follows no absolutes. Arts role for society, is all encompassing, as with it we can visit places unknown.

  4. Artists question everything.Try to view it in a multi-dementional/multi-sentual perspective. It shocks society, promotes or distroys. It is comical or sentual and allows the interactionist to become the "artist" by absorbing and feeling the works.
    There is no reality in art but it becomes reality with creation.It follows rules then distorts them. the definiton changesor there is no definiton, How ever art is never "PRETTY"

  5. For me art takes on meaning and elicits emotion. We work at our art leaving our mark. We want to leave something permanent, beautiful, strong. We want to uplift the soul.


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