david perl digital artistDavid Perl

Northeast, USA

Retired Art Director Turned Digital Artist


From college to work. Did 50 years in the creative side of advertising, print & TV as an award winning art director, creative director & commercial TV director. Retired and turned to art.

Balloons ©David Perl


When was the first time you knew you were an artist?

About 7 or 8 years old. I was constantly sending Walt Disney story and drawings for new animated films. Don't think they were any good as he never got back to me?



I hope the style people would be pleased to live with. I'm into the natural beauty that surrounds us each and every day. Rain or shine.


violet art


Have done all of the classic styles but when computers, digital photography and printing improved to the point that they have, there was no going back.

Violet, Yellow, Black Flower ©David Perl


I basically manipulate and enhance my on-the fly photos so they're almost non-existent.


Technique and process

Hmmn... a little tough as each photo seems to require a different approach. The starting point is importing the picture into Photoshop and then it's off to the races. I hardly ever repeat a process or style. I make large prints on metal, canvas and wood. Each is unique and never in any quantity.


streaks abstract art

Art Themes

I'm into the natural world. If I have a theme it would have to be to take the time to stop and smell the flowers. Life is way to short for BS.

Tarp Streaks ©David Perl



Where do you find your ideas?

It is said that the best camera you own is the one with you. I carry a small point & shoot everywhere I go. So, I see and capture ideas, constantly.


Why do you create art?

Typical answer... I have to. It's something I've been doing for a whole lot of years. And, if it's not art, it's furniture designing & building, or leather craft or wood working. But, it's always something.


horse painting

What do you think is your best artwork?

After my kids, I love most of my creations. It's hard to put that kind of judgement on them. Show your best & worst pieces to ten different people and you get 10 different opinions? And one of the 10 is going to love the worst piece.




Horse ©David Perl




What is the artist’s place in society?

I just sold a large metal to a person who tells me that everyday she walks into her house she smiles with glee when she sees it. It lights up her home and her family. How's that.


Art Promotion

My biggest downfall...not promoting my stuff. And as an old advertising guy, this should be second nature to me. I feel like if you see it and want it, done. If you see it and don't want it, done too. Promoting it is work. Making the art is fun. I don't even know one way of promoting my stuff online? This is a first for me.


lonely guy


Loved Edward Hopper, John James Audubon, Andrew Wyeth, Toulouse Lautrec, Van Gogh, Norman Rockwell, Disney, Saul Bass and tons of Art Deco artists.

Lonely Guy ©David Perl



Can you tell us about a contemporary artist you like?

No. I have no time for this kind of exploration. Last time I was in an art museum, it was the Louvre, and there weren't many there that were too contemporary. Sorry.


Please tell us an interesting story from your life.

I have been motorcycling back roads in the USA for 36 years. Two to four trips per year. And, have so far, lived to tell about it. Lot's of great times & memories. A lot of my art stems from these trips. One day I'll write the Great American novel on these trips into "Neverland." Don't think it will be too interesting or exciting to most other folks. You'd had to have been there to understand.


roman street

Where do you see you being as an artist in 10 years?

I hope I'm still here, sonny.


Roman Street ©David Perl



Parting advice for aspiring and emerging artists

As an old guy, I don't like the word "parting." Otherwise, three tips. Stay with your art, no matter what anyone tells you. Learn how to promote it! Do it your whole life...they will come.


David Perl - Retired Art Director Turned Digital Artist

Northeast, USA

More art can be viewed at David Perl’s website: David Perl Artist 


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