ebsq selfrepresented artists communityI have recently been introduced to ESBQ, a community site for online self-representing artists.

In examining all the great features for self-represented artists, I am very impressed.



EBSQ has it all – ability to make certificates of authenticity, a very helpful and active community forum, unlimited uploads, and useful tools for art promotion.  EBSQ functions as a central hub to both learn how to promote art online, and assist you in every way to sell artworks.


Joining and Setting up Your Basic Profile


  1. Go to EBSQ

  2. Click the Join button right at the top.

  3. EBSQ has two membership levels, patron and artist. The free patron account is intended for art collectors and buyers, but can be joined by anyone. Free members can create an EBSQ profile, cast their votes for shows, create a curated listing of artworks and artists, make certificates of provenance, and take part in the forums. This is a great way for artists to see all that EBSQ has to offer, before upgrading.

    Incidentally, we are not affiliated with EBSQ in any way, neither is this an endorsement of their paid service. As always, we recommend checking the site out for a while to see if its right for you, before paying money for an upgrade.

  4. When you are joined, login with the username you created and the password sent by email. Click the My Profile tab at the top. First fill in display name, email address, and location, and click Save Changes.

  5. To make your profile public, uncheck Keep my Profile Private under Preferences.

  6. Next, click on My Links and enter a public email, website url, and art blog.

  7. Under Favorites, choose whether you want others to see art and artists you have shared.

  8. Click Profile Images and upload images and an avatar. For the larger image, it is recommended to use one of your absolute best artworks, as this will be the one to appear at your profile.

  9. Click About Me and enter a short bio about yourself and your art. Here, you can also include images and links to your website, Facebook profile, etc. The text will automatically save.

  10. To view your profile, click your username at the top of the screen.


Tour of EBSQ


social networking toolsWhen you visit your profile, you will notice sharing buttons for bookmarking services and social networks at the top.

This is something I like to see at any site where I have an art profile. Also, links for your website and blog are in a couple places by default – at the top and in the sidebar.


  1. Galleries

    This is a section with curated galleries of works by different artists, organized by themes. This is a great way to find artists, especially if you like to collect art.

  2. Exhibits

    This is a place for members to view and take part in online art shows at EBSQ.  Entries are selected based on subject matter.

  3. Artists

    In this section, artists can be found in a various number of ways, including lifetime membership, award winner, juried member, previously featured, and art of the day.

  4. Community

    Click this slink to reach the EBSQ forum, which any member can take part in. Of particular interest here are the art and marketing sections. The art marketing part includes headings for social networking, selling your art, making a portfolio, art galleries, and copyrights. If you have a question on any of these topics, this is a great place to ask.

  5. Learn

    Go here to find a wide variety of art related articles. Topics include art marketing, painting techniques, art history, print making, watercolor, and much more.

  6. Blog

    EBSQ artists are promoted regularly at the EBSQ blog too!

  7. certificate of authenticityCOAs

    Visit this section to learn all about digital certificate of authenticities, and how you can register your own from EBSQ.

    EBSQ also allows member artists to create and register their own for each artwork posted.

  8. Art of the Day

    Here, different EBSQ artists are featured each day.


Advantages of Upgrading in EBSQ


EBSQ does have an upgrade option for members who see value in the promotion that this site brings. If you are an artist who sells work on a variety of websites, such as Etsy, Ebay, Fine Art America, Zazzle, an artist website, Facebook, etc., EBSQ may be a good site to centralize your web presence. ESBQ allows linking to all these locations directly on your profile. The upgrade is $8.95 per month or $89 annually, with an available lifetime subscription.

Here are some of the advantages of upgrading:

  1. esbq selfrepresenting artistsPaid members receive a portfolio with unlimited uploads, and a unique URL to promote.

  2. Google Analytics is used for stats.

  3. Include up to 3 detail photographs along with artworks, which will further help to describe a piece, such as textures, back, and signature.

  4. Social networking sharing tools, such as Facebook and Twitter, are built into your EBSQ portfolio.

  5. Certificates of Authenticity can be created and printed directly from the site. This feature alone may be well worth the cost of upgrading for some artists who include COA’s along with every artwork. Each COA has a unique tracking number and is tracked by EBSQ.

  6. Touch People with your Art - Click Here!There is total control over what artworks can be viewed in your portfolio, including most recent, galleries by selected theme, and ordering artwork for view. Certain artworks may even be hidden from the public if desired.

  7. Submit entries for online exhibitions, which help in increasing portfolio traffic. They have 3 or four per month, typically open to all members, some of which have cash prizes.

    If you are selected to be included in an online exhibition, include it on your CV (curriculum vitae).

  8. Certain sections of the forum are only available for paid members. There is lots of great advice there for upgraded members. Ask any question, and expect to receive a helpful answer!


Who is EBSQ for?


EBSQ is for the serious self-represented artist who is interested in taking their art promotion to the next level. There is a lot here, and it may go far in help you earn more money from your art on the internet, and offline.

What do you think of EBSQ? Are you an EBSQ member? Can you give us additional insight on how this site has aided you with marketing your art business?

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  1. I dont understand why you can never get a straight answer without signing up,,,how the heck do i know if i want to sign up for something if i cant find a PRICE!!!! front page should say,,,for such and such a price you get all this,,,then QUOTE A DANG PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. @Anonymous

    If you read the article, I do mention a price...

  3. @Anonymous EBSQ membership is $8.95/monthly. More information is here: http://www.ebsqart.com/join.asp

  4. I've been a member of EBSQ since 2008 and I can't ever imagine not being a member. Sure, I might be a bit bias since I blog for them, but even before I knew it was the community for me. The forums especially are like a second home, a place where I can get feedback on my art and get help for all the various in's and out's of the art business. Thank you for spreading the word!

  5. @Amanda Makepeace
    Thanks Amanda.. I have no problem recommending a site so feature rich as EBSQ. I am planning on doing a comparison of some portfolio site/communities sometime, maybe after I have looked at a few more. I'm sure EBSQ will rank highly.


Thank-you for your comment!