karensmith poster canvas artKaren Smith

South Yorkshire, UK

Introducing Photo Art Station - Poster and Canvas Art


I am an artist with a passion to share my art ideas and develop my creativity.

I have always been a very creative person, I realised that being a musician wasn't enough and needed a further 'literal' string to my bow, and after setting my ideas to paper, realised I had a passion for art that I needed to express.


Rock Moves ©Karen Smith



Please tell us all about your art  

As a musician I have many media images by which I was initially inspired so I worked with varying styles until I found where 'I sat', felt most comfortable and where my ideas could flow from a basic sketch to a final piece. I work digitally most of the time, and for me personally, I need an idea on paper before I begin - going in cold simply doesn't work for me.


What kind of music do you listen to while making art?   

I think because I am surrounded by music and perform on a regular basis, to create art I need complete quiet and solace - almost to hear my thoughts which sounds strange. Music is just an unwelcome noise when I am in full flow creatively.


spanish graffiti handsHow do you find inspiration?   

I buy magazines - not necessarily about art - maybe fashion, home decor etc - any type of design medium is inspirational and what comes from it personally often surprises me - its not about copying, but about stimulating my mind to create.

Spanish Graffiti: Hands ©Karen Smith


What do you do besides creating art?   

I am a full time admin worker, having once been a professional musician. I now sing and perform occasional week nights and most weekends, spending every other waking hour on my art and will get physically frustrated if I cannot get my fix!


What are you working on most recently?   

I work on many ideas, but often revert back to music on a regular basis as a theme for my art on which my last piece of artwork was based. This was a piece celebrating guitar legends with a montage placed within the shape of a guitar!


guitar heroes posterWhat is the best artwork you ever created?   

I think the best piece for me is the last as described above, aptly named 'Guitar Heroes'. The reason being that as time and experience works its magic, I am better able to create the look and feel exactly how I planned and it has become far easier that when I first began - in other words, I am relaxed and not afraid to challenge my ability.





Guitar Heroes ©Karen Smith





What role does the artist have in society?   

I believe the role of an artist is very important within society. We all need an aspiration, an 'escape' and art fulfills this need to some degree in all of us. Subconsciously, we automatically seek out art, whether it be on a wall, or within our natural surroundings, finding it in the least likely places - all of which goes to show, we need it!


Have you sold much of your art?   

I haven't sold many artworks as yet, but this is my first year of promoting my portfolio on the internet and actively seeking out local galleries where I can also showcase my work, hoping that the years of self tuition and prep will eventually pay off.


knifty cutlery forks knivesArt Promotion   

CSS galleries are good advertising if accepted plus selling art on various online art outlets. Blogs are also very good if kept up to date and interesting!






Knifty ©Karen Smith




I love Banksy, and am inspired by his style and innovation to create art with texture and not afraid to present it anywhere! I have also been inspired by many website designs and music posters. I am also inspired by my own photography. I tend to take pictures of texture, structure and unlikely views rather than the usual compositions.


Can you tell us about a contemporary artist you like?   

This is a difficult one for me - when I look at art, my eyes light up when I see works I like, as if to jump out at me - the last one being by an artist called Mark Kostabi with a piece called Use Your Illusion - there are so many artists to choose from - but his collection is, for me, different and inspiring - art is so very personal.


time flies posterCan you tell us about an interesting event in your life?     

Possibly my trip to New York was the most interesting regarding 'places visited'. At that time I wasn't physically creating art, but brought back so many pictures that I have since used to give me many an idea. Of particular poignancy despite the exceptional architecture and sheer vastness of the city, was the very first photograph I took of a man asleep on a bench in Grand Central Station - priceless!






Time Flies ©Karen Smith



Where do you see your art going in 10 years?   

When I look back over the last twelve months and consider how much I have developed and how my skills have grown, I think possibly I will be established in my own right, not necessarily with people knowing my name, but I will certainly be 'notable' to myself!


Advice for Artists   

I will openly admit that I am not one of life's most optimistic people and soon get despondent, but I do realise that with art, as with music, you have to keep on keeping on - never give up and as the old cliché goes 'believe' - cheesy, but very very true. If you think you have something to offer and want to give a piece of yourself to the world - go for it!


Karen Smith

South Yorkshire, UK

Introducing Photo Art Station - Poster and Canvas Art

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