katerina gorokhova figurative paintings

Lovers, 120x100, acrylic on canvas, 2011 ©Katerina Gorokhova

Figuarative Paintings by Russian Artist Katerina Gorokhova


Katerina Gorokhova was born in Moscow, she graduated from the Central St.Martin's School of Art and Design (The Byam Shaw Building) London, Great Britain, earning BA and Postgraduate Diplomas in Fine Art. She exhibited in Moscow, London, Berlin, New York, Toronto; she also curated exhibitions in London and Moscow (The Russian Academy of Arts). At the moment she lives, works and teaches art in Moscow area. Gorokhova's series "Simple moments" were displayed for a year in 2011 at PANAVTO, Mercedes-Benz showroom. In the year of 2011 there were articles published in such editions as "Russian gallery - the XXI century" 7-8 and PANAVTO: cars&people No6. Katerina Gorokhova’s work can be found in collections of Russia and abroad.



Please tell us about your art   

Mostly I do figurative paintings. I've been doing them since 2009. However, in the past I experimented with surrealism, digital art, sculpture, installation and video-art.



woman cage paintingWhy do you create art?    

There are certain things in the world that need to be shown, just as in literature, where there are things that need to be described. Art is a testament. No doubt it should portray the time in which we are living in.


Influences in the Art World

I enjoy works of many artists. But to name few, I have always enjoyed works of John Currin and Ray Caesar. There are also a couple of Russian contemporary artists that I like, they are Alexey Alpatov and Vladimir Semenskiy.



Birdy, 80x50cm, acrylic on canvas, 2011 ©Katerina Gorokhova



Do you make living selling your art?   

No, I don't make my living with sales from my art, however once in a while a piece or two do sale.



People usually are my main concern. At the moment I work on a series called "Heroes". Each person bears in himself a mutilation: whether it a physical mutilation or mental – we are not ideal. At times mental mutilation can be much stronger then the physical one, simply it is not so noticeable at first sight. People with the limited possibilities can have life full of pleasure and achievements. Series "Heroes" is a proof that invalids are not weak, they are people with very strong spirit and talent!


How often do you make art?    

Usually I work everyday, unless I have some other important things to do. My day usually starts with a breakfast and then I go to my studio. I teach art twice a week, other than that mostly I paint.


Art Promotion   

I must say my website was very helpful, I strongly recommend to every artist to have his/her own website. Offline is very useful to go around to exhibition openings of a favourite galleries. Meeting the owner and making a relationship before showing a portfolio.


dancers painting

The Dance, 130x150cm, acrylic on canvas, 2011 ©Katerina Gorokhova

Advice for Aspiring Artists   

Art is life. It is a long and a difficult path, don't go down it, unless you are ready to devote every minute and every thought to it.


Katerina Gorokhova - Figurative Paintings by Russia Fine Artist


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