paul crimi affair with art

Lupines at Sunset         ©Paul Crimi

Paul Crimi - A Lifelong Affair with Art


"Life is a precious gift that I love and hold dear~ and my Art is the best way to express my appreciation for the joy, happiness and wonderful blessings in my life"

I am first a modern contemporary impressionistic artist - I enjoy abstraction, sculpture and assemblages as well. I have explored every avenue of art for my entire life. I am a member of the Boston Printmakers.


When was the first time you realized you were an artist?

When I was seven years old I started painting and my parents were amazed at my work.


boston mass paul crimi

Boston Mass ©Paul Crimi

What kind of music do you like to listen to while painting?

Jazz and classical music


When feeling uninspired, how do you get inspired again?

I go to the movies and many times I just push myself to work right through it.


What do you do in your spare time besides create art?

I read- religious and inspirational material - meditation, prayer and the masters of art.


birch trees paul crimi

Birch Trees #7 ©Paul Crimi

What are you working on most recently?

Still Life series


What is the best painting you ever created?

"The Ice Pond" because it's a contemporary impressionistic painting that gives life to contemporary art.


What role does an artist have in the world?

Artists are the people who give soul to the world.


shattered dreams art

Shattered Dreams         ©Paul Crimi

Have you sold many artworks?

I have been a successful artist since high school and have sold thousands of paintings globally.


How do you like to promote your art on the internet?

Facebook and Linkedin - I started Linkedin in December 2011 and now have 1,800 connections who serve as a wonderful network of artists and friends.



David Hockney because he is a multifaceted artist who went from realism to abstraction and expressionism. My favorites as a kid were Norman Rockwell and Salvador Dali, Matisse, Van Gogh, Pissaro, Maxfield Parrish, Gustav Klimt, Da Vinci, Jim Dine, Hopper, and Turner.


Can you recommend a contemporary artist to our readers?

Jim Dine - he is a pop artist and printmaker who did a series of bathrobes and judged the Boston Printmakers national juried show at the Danfort Museum in Framingham Mass.


Please tell us something interesting in your art career.

1963 - in high school I used so much paper and materials that I ended up owing the art department $1,500- the local newspaper ran an article about my work and the bill and advertised that I would sell my prints for a dollar and I sold 3,000 prints in two days and paid my bill.


Where do you see your art career in 10 years from now?

Only God Knows. He has a plan for everything and everyone.


ice pond paul crimi

The Ice Pond ©Paul Crimi

Do you have any good advice for aspiring and emerging artists?

Go to your studio everyday and create some form of art and you will get better.


Paul Crimi - A Lifelong Affair with Art

USA/ Boston Mass.

Website: Paul Crimi Fine Arts

Facebook Page: Paul Crimi Fine Arts


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