pictify pinterest for artistsWith the popularity of Pinterest, many Pinterest clones have been popping up. One such social media site is Pictify – but this one is geared specifically towards artists, photographers, and art galleries.


For artists who use Pinterest for inspiration, Pictify will certainly serve this purpose. Like Pinterest, artists can create categorized boards, and share and follow artists they like. This is a brief overview of Pictify, and how you may use it for art promotion.


Joining Pictify and Setting up Your Profile

  1. Visit Pictify here, and click the Join Now button at the top to signup.

  2. pictify add albumsLogin with Facebook or fill out the form. I chose the login with Facebook option. Select a username, artist, password, country, and region, and click Continue.

    Select the album categories you would like, and even create your own here if you like, or wait till later.

    Click Complete when ready.

  3. Follow other users.

    Pictify displays a long list of other members to follow. It will be a good idea to follow them all, as they may follow back.

  4. Click the Go to Profile link. Here you may add a profile photo, and upload artworks. Click Change under you default profile image. Hit the image here to upload a photo.

    Also, here you may enter your birthday here (optional), and a brief bio. Links may be added to your bio, so consider adding your art website. It will be a clickable link!

  5. Click Upload Now at the top to add images, links, video code, or search for the image on Google.

    pictify add images

    Upload Image
    Upload one artwork at a time. Choose a title, genre, and description. Attach a link to your art website here as well.

    Add Link
    Choose this to add images from your art website. If you are interested in link building, this can be very useful for this. Each image shared in this way has a url at the top to the original source. Plus, the artwork is also linked to the source!

    Video Code
    If you make art videos and video slideshows, you can share them on Pictify. Include video code or a link from Dailymotion, Metacafe, Youtube or Vimeo.  Include a category, description, and album.

    Search Image
    Search for an image with Google Search and choose one of the photos that appear.



Pictify Sharing Buttons

pictify buttonsThese are useful for displaying number of followers, and for helping others at Pictify share your stuff. Also add the Pictify button on your browser to easily share artworks.



7 Pictify Tips

  1. entwined oil paintingCategorize your artwork according to theme, subject, genre, etc.

  2. Include a good description with certain keywords. These will help others to find you at Pictify.

  3. Attach a link to your online portfolio anywhere you can – in the About me section, and album and post descriptions.

  4. Work on gathering followers. The best way to initially do this is to follow a bunch of artists and galleries first. They may follow back.

  5. Don’t just use Pictify to showcase your own artworks, but make use of the Paintings I Like, Sculptures I Like, etc. albums. Like and comment on other artworks often. This will also help to build a following.

  6. Private messages can be sent to individual Pictify members at their profile pages. Use this feature if you have something to say that you prefer not be made public.

  7. Touch People with your Art - Click Here! Avoid just promoting yourself. I know Pinterest has a rule against too much self promotion. Users are encouraged to share and repin rather than just sharing their own stuff. Pictify is also meant for that.

What do you think about Pictify? I think it is just great! It is better, and simpler than most networking sites I have found. It is VERY similar to Pinterest, but at the same time very different, being only focussed on art. You will not see recipes, quotes, irrelevant images, etc. here.

It is the Pinterest for artists! Many great artists are using Pictify. Saatchi Gallery even has a page of their own.

If you would like to follow me at Pictify, please visit here: Graham Matthews at Pictify (I only have a couple paintings posted so far, but plan on uploading more soon)

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