As artists and people, every now and then, we need a little pick-me-up from others. A little encouragement or kind words goes a long way. One of my favorite things about showcasing my art online is the feedback I receive. Even simple statements like “I love your art!” are encouraging, especially when they add up!

This article features 10 artists who have been interviewed at Artpromotivate, and the advice they have to share with emerging artists.


  1. nevermore christine streimerChristine Striemer


    Mediums: Acrylic paint

    Themes: Still lifes, portraits, trees, landscapes

    Style: Realism and abstract

    Advice for Artists:

    “Use the internet to your advantage. It is a valuable marketing tool.”

  2. kevin harneyKevin Harney

    Vancouver, Canada

    Mediums: Photography, mixed media, ceramic tiles, print making 

    Themes: Wildlife, animals, rustic, nature, fantasy.

    Style: Cultural and spiritual 

    Advice for Artists:

    “Follow your feelings and try not to produce art that will sell but art that you absolutely love to create. Many artists fall into the trap of creating art that sells. And always keep your eyes open, for inspiration is all around us. Love Your Art!”

  3. window with viewBJ Tuininga 

    New York, USA 

    Mediums: Oils mixed with cold wax 

    Themes: landscapes, still lifes, nature, abstracts 

    Style: Realism

    Advice for Artists:

    “My advice to all inspiring artists is advice that was given to me by a dear friend, "Always remain true to yourself," and ‘Use only the purest of colors.’”

  4. curled leaves acrylicNancy Lou Canyon 


    Mediums: Acrylic on canvas 

    Themes: Nature – trees, rocks, water reflections, etc. 

    Style: Photo Realism, Abstraction 

    Advice for Artists

    “As a painter once told me, "You must have an almost unrealistic belief in yourself to be an artist." So do that, believe in yourself even if it is hard.”

  5. Dust textile collageMaia Stefana Oprea

    Bucharest, Romania

    Mediums: Found objects, paper, textiles, metal, wool, clay, oils, acrylic, pencils, pastels, tempera, gouache, charcoal

    Themes: Conceptual, spiritual 

    Style: expressionism, contemporary


    Advice for Artists

    “As a fellow young artist, my advice is to forget about aspiring and emerging, otherwise your art will really suffer from it. Have patience.”

  6. knifty cutlery forks knivesKaren Smith

    South Yorkshire, UK

    Mediums: Digital art  

    Themes: Music, Whimsical 

    Style: Poster and Canvas art

    Advice for Artists

    “I will openly admit that I am not one of life's most optimistic people and soon get despondent, but I do realise that with art, as with music, you have to keep on keeping on - never give up and as the old cliché goes 'believe' - cheesy, but very very true. If you think you have something to offer and want to give a piece of yourself to the world - go for it!”

  7. the philosopher artJivan Lee 


    Mediums: Walnut oil paint 

    Themes: People in their places, still lifes, light and color over time 

    Style: Impressionism, expressionism


    Advice for Artists

    “Far be it of me, but I guess I'd say: stay in it; stay with the moment; listen to the quiet voice that suggests something unexpected; my best pieces seem to come right after some of my worst; and, good luck!”

  8. coole park paintingJustin Barnard

    Norfolk UK

    Mediums: Oil paint, acrylic, watercolor, pencil, charcoal 

    Themes: Truth and beauty, landscapes, portraits, abstracts 

    Style: Realism, Expressive 

    Advice for Artists

    “Put yourself on the line and fight the system.”

  9. boston mass paul crimiPaul Crimi

    Boston, Mass., USA 

    Mediums: Acrylic paint  

    Themes: Landscapes, abstracts, spiritual 

    Style: Contemporary Impressionist 

    Advice for Artists

    “Go to your studio everyday and create some form of art and you will get better.”

  10. paulo themudoPaulo Themudo


    Mediums: Artists paint 

    Themes: Impulsive, personal. 

    Style: Abstract expressionism, Figurative expressionism.

    Advice for Artists:

    “Be humble with the notion of reality, always wanting to learn more and accepting the criticism being negative or positive.”

Do you have any advice of your own for emerging and struggling artists?

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  1. Some days it's so easy to get discouraged, you feel as if you are shouting into a void. I think it's important to make your art for yourself as well as your audience.

  2. Don't sweat the competition and just follow your heart.

    The more you practice and sell (even at low prices to begin with), the more you will learn what people like of what you do, and you will learn to forge your own identity over time, knowing what works, what doesn't, and also what you love to create the most.

    Once all that is established, people will get to know your style, will love your art as much as you do, and will respond knowing your art is truely unique and from your heart.

  3. @Mattsart
    Thanks Mattsart! ... love your Etsy store.. your paintings are inspiring!


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