cathy mcclelland australia artCathy McClelland

Queensland, Australia


I am a farmers wife that loves create paintings of what I have seen and experienced in my daily life.


I paint in acrylic/mixed media in a contemporary realist style. Some paintings can take months to create in the studio but I also love painting plein air to capture what that special fleeting moment.





Tap Dancer ©Cathy McClelland


How long have you been an artist?

All of my life - drawing is something that I have always done.


When painting, what music do you have playing?

Natures music or if in studio I listen to art tutorial DVDs


winter morning painting

Winter Morning ©Cathy McClelland

How do you find inspiration?

As of yet I don't get uninspired as I live and work in a very beautiful environment.


What do you do in your spare time?

Own and manage two business, run a family and basically paint full time completing commissions.


spirit land cathy mcclelland

What is the most recent painting you have created?

Just finished a commission called Babbling


Do you have a “best” artwork?

I don't have a best artwork that I have ever created, I am still working hard to reach what is residing within me. When I do than I will be able to answer this question.



Spirit Land ©Cathy McClelland


What role do you think artists have in society?

The artist is the watcher, the observer, the person who is able to connect the viewer to the special moments that largely go unnoticed in our very busy daily lives.


Do you sell many of your paintings?

I have sold hundreds by recommendation, exhibitions and commissions


babbling acrylic painting

Babbling ©Cathy McClelland

What are your favorite methods of promoting art on the internet?

I am just learning this new medium of online art promotion, so as of yet Facebook has been very helpful in showcasing my art.


What are your influences?

Nature is my major art influence as I observe and work out in the field I am able to produce authentic paintings that people enjoy.


shes mine birds

She's Mine ©Cathy McClelland

 Please tell us some of your achievements

2009 Champion Rural Womens Network Art Competition
2011 winner of FASO Boldbrush online 'Popular Entry' competition
2012 accepted into WASA, QWASI and
2012 make the finals of Art Takes Times Square New York
2012 Dec Exhibition Agora Gallery, New York


Where would you like to see your art career in 10 years?

Professional artist continuing to create art.


Do you have any good advice for emerging and aspiring artists?

Cathy McClelland Photo courtesy of Dan Proud PhotographyIf you are going to be an artist then be an artist and paint, paint, paint. Nothing compares with kilometres of brush work. No lessons, no advice nothing. Only practice, determination and not giving up on your dream will enable you to succeed.


Cathy McClelland - Art of Rural Australia

Queensland, Australia

Website: Cathy McClelland 

Facebook Page: Cathy McClelland Fine Art

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