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Gail McCoy - Watercolor and Collage

I live near Madison,WI and am retired from teaching. Now I am working to master watercolor and having a great time constructing collages from paper I create. I use places I have traveled to for inspiration.



My collages are usually contemporary representations of nature.



Collage and watercolor


gail mccoy art


Technique and Process

I manipulate the ink on printed materials with a green solvent. I use the paper I create for the collages. I also paint white acid free tissue paper and tear it into pieces to add to the collage. I usually work from memory.



Nature: often focusing on cranes.

Interpretations of places I have visited.


Why do you create art?

Art is all about emotion for me and sharing the emotion I feel in the materials with others.





How often do you paint?

I am always thinking "art." I make art in spurts. Some weeks just 3 hours and other weeks 15 hours depending on my schedule.


Do you make a living with your art?

I have been in business for a year and working hard to make a profit this year. I am in 3 galleries and exhibit whenever possible.


Art Promotion

Just starting with this. So far Facebook and have had results.



I love lots of art genre and artists. However, my main influence has been Maryann Inman, my watercolor instructor. She has been a cheerleader for my artistic expression and main source for learning techniques. Having emotional support from a mentor has helped me stay the course of being a self promoting artist as well as finding my artistic fingerprint.


gail mccoy crane


Please Recommend a Contemporary artist

Lee Weiss is an internationally known watercolor artist who lives in Madison, WI. She broke ground by developing a distinct watercolor technique in the early sixties. Just as importantly, she helped to break the glass ceiling for women artists. Being in Wisconsin Visual Artists with her has been an honor. I admire her work and her courage.


Please tell us something interesting from your life.

Currently, I have a collage in the Charles Allis Art Museum biennial "Forward: A Survey of Wisconsin Art Now." This exhibit is focusing on new art ideas and artists in WI. The museum is in Milwaukee.



Where do you see yourself as an artist 10 years from now?

Profitable and confident in my artistic fingerprint. Travel to many places will have supplied me with inspiration and broadened my artistic view.


Advice for Struggling Artists

Find a mentor and join art groups to learn and share.

Gail McCoy - Collage and Watercolor Paintings

Website: School of Eclectic Art

Facebook Page: Gail McCoy Art

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