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I am a young artist, but I am dedicated to what I do and I work daily. I am a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, working on my BFA, and I want to be an art therapist down the road. I like to collaborate with other artists on group shows wherever I am, and I love to put together exhibitions.




Black Tea ©Peyton Rack



When did you first know you were an artist?

I know it sounds crazy, but I've known all my life. I have been diagnosed with ADHD. I'm quirky, I'm left-handed, and I'm always doodling.


Mediums and Process

I have recently been working with oil paint. I work by way of collaging. As for the pin-up style work, I do studies of old 50s pin-up drawings (poses, styles, etc.) and sometimes collage them into paintings. I do photo shoots of friends to work from. I use sentimental objects in my work occasionally; there is something powerful about using objects that have a history, which is why I have also taught myself to work with resin to preserve delicate qualities.


peyton rack collage   

What music do you listen to while creating?

I like to switch it up…I like to listen to the Doors, Amy Winehouse, Frou Frou, Empire of the Sun, The Gorillaz, etc.


Nights in White Satin ©Peyton Rack




I like Pandora Radio, and when I really get to work its nice because it keeps playing so I don’t have to stop to change it. My work is heavily influenced by music, and I made a piece inspired by Nights in White Satin by The Moody Blues.


How do you find inspiration when uninspired?

I don’t work when I’m uninspired unless I have planned out what I was going to do previously, like if something has to dry or I have to have a particular material. Usually if it’s worth making art about, it’s something that I feel strongly about and I would be able to make art about it whenever.


What do you do besides creating art?

I hang out with friends or family, I go out with my boyfriend, watch (GOOD) movies, go to the beach, I love to shop, and I love Stephen King books.


What are you currently working on?

A few painting commissions, one is of a goddess watching over the Earth in space...


peyton rack art   

Do you have a best artwork?

That's like asking for my favorite song, and I'd rather not pick one. I try to raise the bar with each work until I can get excited enough about it to say, "This is the best piece of art I've ever done." However, my opinions change as does my taste and growth level, and the sentiment of the artwork has a weight that can't be replaced by aesthetic skill.



Marble Airlines ©Peyton Rack



What role does the artist have in society?

I think the artist has a very fickle role in society. Though needed, because so obviously, art is everywhere, it is cast to the side when economic times are tough. My art deals with this subject as it hits me hard, and in the gut. It’s my life. Painting can be seen as trivial and unnecessary, but something like design and engineering is vital to societal growth and progress. They could go hand in hand; the artistic brain working with math and science. Also, who knows what the digital age has in store for us artists?


Have you sold many of your artworks?

I have had the most success with selling artworks by having a solo exhibition. Getting in touch with interested buyers after a show or previous purchase is key, because if you are making quality work and it is sincere and time-invested, people will want to buy work from you. This depends on so many things, how well you market yourself, what people want to buy, and how commissioners or buyers want to spend.


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Online Art Promotion

Flickr, Tumblr, and Twitter. Being featured on a website or making and maintaining your own URL? Even better.


Pamella ©Peyton Rack



Rolf Armstrong's balance between flashy and delicate is something I find eye-catching. The surrealists have influenced my working process.


Can you tell us about a favorite contemporary artist?

I am influenced by Lari Pittman because of the overwhelming amount of business he creates with his work, his intense color choices and technical persistence with his brush work. He is so deliberate about every twist and turn of a mark, and the compositions have a perfect balance of geometrics and swirly décor. His concepts are serious and tie solidly with his aesthetics; about the AIDs epidemic in the 80s and also homosexuality. (Seen on Art:21)


peyton rack fine art

Please tell us about an interesting experience

The most unforgettable place I have ever traveled to would have to be Italy. I remember that I had loved taking pictures of all the ancient architecture in Rome and seeing all the old churches and climbing the stairs of the colosseum.



Eye of the Bill ©Peyton Rack



Where do you see your art career in 10 years?

As an art therapist, hopefully established as a fine artist who is at least locally well known. I hope to have studied and experienced art in many countries and have my own studio in New York or Chicago. Big Dreams.


Advice for emerging artists

peyton rackTry to sell your work, but don't sell out. Make sure what your art says to an audience is good and that your intention is clear. You will gain followers if you stand for something. Don't be a commercial and don't make boring art. Find other artists that inspire you and always experiment. Your style isn’t going anywhere, it’s about finding ways to express it.


Peyton Rack - Painting Lavishly - Speaking Frankly

USA Chicago

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  1. Peyton, you create beautiful works of art and are wise beyond your years. Best of luck to you. I believe you have a bright future!

  2. Peyton,

    Your work is so amazing. You truly have great talent...and already showing it at your young age. Your future looks amazingly bright. You seem like someone who will always be true to yourself...go girl!!! The sky's the limit.

    Marie Sexton


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