slideshare for art promotionIt never ceases to amaze me with all the free tools the internet has to offer for artists looking to promote art. Recently, I viewed some artwork slideshow presentations at Slideshare. Slideshare is a network similar to Youtube, but the main difference here is that presentations are used instead of videos. Slideshows become popular by receiving more views, can be commented on, favorited, and shared.

In doing a search for artists at Slideshare, I came across some very good presentations, and decided to create a Powerpoint slideshow.

Read all about how to make a Powerpoint presentation in my recent post here:

Powerpoint Tutorial for an Art Slideshow

Of course, art slideshows are only one way of utilizing Slideshare. There are numerous other ways  – tutorials, portfolio presentations, displaying ebooks, and much more.

Here is an ebook I found entitled Creative Exercises for Artists by Benoit Philippe.



Advantages of Slideshare for Artists

  1. Slideshare is the most popular presentation sharing site on the net. Over 60 million people use Slideshare every month. Adding a few presentations there can bring your art to a whole new audience.

  2. Touch People with your Art - Click Here!Slideshare can be used to achieve high rankings in Google search. To optimize for SEO, use a keyword in your title, and also use the same one in your description.

  3. Many types of files can be shared, including Powerpoint, OpenOffice and Keynote files. Flash, audio, PDF, and video files can even be embedded within presentations.

  4. Like Linkedin, the audience at Slideshare is primarily professionally and technically oriented. Knowledge of the previously mentioned software is needed to create presentations. These will be the people who will be viewing your art and tutorials. I’ve even heard that Slideshare is a good place to post a resume in Powerpoint form.


How to Upload a Slideshow Presentation and Promote It With Slideshare!


  1. Create your own Website!Go to Slideshare and click the Signup button at the top - right.

  2. Enter a username, password, email, verification code, and click the button to signup.

    Complete signup by checking your email, looking for an email titled “Please confirm your email address”, and clicking the link within the email.

  3. Hover your cursor over your username at the top, and click Edit Profile. Fill in information about yourself, especially the website, social web profiles, and About… and upload a profile image.

    If you use Twitter regularly, be sure to include your username, as your feed will appear at your Slideshare profile.

  4. Upload a File

    Click the Upload button at the top, then click the orange Upload button on the next page to add a single file. Find the file on your computer and upload it.

    While you are waiting, fill in the text boxes with a title, keywords, and description.

    Keywords are especially important because they will help your presentation to appear under related files at the right of other Slideshare presentations.

  5. share iconTo embed the slideshow on your website, click the little Share icon at the bottom of your slideshow. Click inside the Embed box and copy the code, then paste it into the HTML of your website or blog. You can also share the presentation by copying the URL link, which will lead to the slideshow at Slideshare. Other options include emailing, Tweeting, and sending to Facebook and Linkedin.

I leave you with a Powerpoint slideshow I created using Slideshare and Youtube. I first created a presentation in Powerpoint and uploaded the file to Slideshare. I converted that file into a video file using Powerpoint, then added it to Youtube. I know I should have added audio, but probably will in the next one. I can see great potential in this, especially for taking advantage of two online powerhouses (Youtube and Slideshare) at once.



Here are some ideas I am considering for Slideshare:

  1. Creating presentations based on some of my older articles.
  2. Slideshows of my art, based on themes.
  3. Holding a call for entry at Artpromotivate for a group slideshow, to be promoted across the web. (any suggestions about this are welcome!)

If you have any questions, or need any help with this, do let me know – I will be very happy to help!

Do you have any ideas to share for using Slideshare for art promotion? 

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