Selling art online
partly depends on exposing it to as many people as you can. The more people who see your art, the higher the potential of someone contacting you for purchase. But, even though posting your art in as many places as possible may be a good thing, there are some things to realize before even doing that.


tips to sell artFirst of all, I recommend you learn everything about the business of art, from constructing a plan of attack to closing a sale.


It is very easy to ruin an artist’s reputation by just promoting haphazardly without first thinking about how you want yourself portrayed by others.

This is just one effective tip to help in selling your art, and make money from what you love doing.

Here are 50 more: 


  1. Approach the promotion of your art like it is your job.

  2. Consistently promote your artworks and do not waiver in your goal to make money from what you love doing.

  3. Art in SeriesCreate series of artworks based on the ones you have received the most positive feedback.

  4. Follow other artists and respond to trends in what people are buying.

  5. Realize that there is a market for your artwork whatever you create. You just have to find it!

  6. Begin promoting your art locally, then expand from there.

  7. Relate your unique personality through your art.

  8. Create your own Website!Enjoy interacting with people and talking about your art with them.

  9. Learn everything there is to know about art marketing. (Subscribe to Artpromotivate!)   

  10. Get a professional website to either showcase your best artworks for referring to potential buyers, or to sell it.

  11. Work on gathering followers for your art business through social networking and an email list.

  12. Brand yourself by using the same profile picture and possibly a logo everywhere you create a profile on the internet.

  13. Work on taking the best quality photographs to exhibit your paintings online.

  14. Don’t think of making money from your art when you are creating – just think of making the best artwork you possibly can!

  15. Learn to talk about your art effectively and explain it to others.

  16. Keep growing in your artistic development.

  17. Promote your art everywhere (but do not spam).

  18. Only display your best paintings on the internet.

  19. Create an art blog.

  20. Create a Facebook page for your art business, and follow all the great tips we share for attracting fans.

  21. Know your target audience – either decide on one or track the demographic of your regular art buyers.

  22. Make a plan for they building of your art career.

  23. If you do not have time to do certain things related to art promotion, such as building a website, think about outsourcing. Hire a web designer or someone to promote artworks for you.

  24. Selling Art OnlineJoin art communities online and offline.

  25. Create a portfolio to present your artwork to buyers.

  26. Create a resume and update it regularly.

  27. Work on an art statement, and update this occasionally.

  28. Enter art competitions and calls for entry.

  29. Open yourself up to doing commission work.

  30. Host an open studio event.

  31. Price your artwork according to your artistic progress.

  32. Never lower your prices and avoid discounting in excess.

  33. Include a certificate of authenticity for artwork with every piece.

  34. Create art that affects people emotionally.

  35. Plan for Art PromotionDonate your art occasionally to charities and hold fundraisers.

  36. Hold contests and giveaways at your artist website, art-blog, and Facebook pages.

  37. Create special promotions around holidays such as Christmas.

  38. Sign all your artworks on the front.

  39. Get out there! Don’t be afraid to show your artworks anywhere – even in untraditional settings.

  40. Create press releases for your events.

  41. Develop a unique style!

  42. Portfolio WebsitesFollow other artists who create similar artwork as yours.

  43. Become a writer and publish books about your art and life!

  44. Work on creating smaller artworks that are more affordable.

  45. Set goals for yourself, and reward yourself when you achieve them.

  46. Build a relationship with people in the local media.

  47. Keep a positive attitude!

  48. Create LOTS of art!

  49. Have fun!

  50. Never give up!


Did I leave anything out??

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