Because the nearest art supply store is so far away, I have often had to purchase my art supplies from online retailers and art material catalogs.

buy art suppliesI have compiled a list of some that I have used at different times. If there is no art supply shop near you, one of these sites may be a good place to buy your art materials.

When shopping online, please pay attention to shipping. If you live in a different country, shipping charges may be too high.


The way I solve this problem is to order in bulk. Overall, you will save a lot more than ordering in separate shipments.

Also, the larger online art stores have many free resources for artists, including art tutorials, articles, tips, free newsletters, and much more. I also use online art supply websites to learn what new materials are available, and find reviews and feedback on a variety of art products.


Ways to Save Money With Online Art Supply Retailers

  1. Signup for their newsletter. You may periodically receive coupon codes, special offers, and discounts. It is a great way to get cheap art supplies!

  2. Search for a discounts page such as Deals of the Week or Clearance.

  3. If they offer a free catalog, apply for it. I know websites have replaced catalogs in many ways, but in my mind online shops do not have the same visual appeal that catalogs have. I love to flip through the pages of my free Blick catalog anytime. Its a great way to find out what art products are available.


7 Places Online to Buy Art Materials

  1. North Light Shop

    north light shopYou will find a wide range of products here, including art videos, digital downloads, courses, books, paints, brushes, drawing materials, print making, mixed media supplies, reference guides, easels, encaustic supplies, and much more.

    Check out the Deals of the Week page, which lists weekly deals on all types of art materials, such as brushes, drawing supplies, art books, and more. They also have a great selection of art books and instructional videos, including many on art marketing.

    Free Shipping on Orders over $25

    Newsletter – YES!

    Refund Policy – 100% “no frills” return policy

    Payment Methods – Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover (check or money order for mail payments)

    VIP Program – A yearly membership gets you a 1 year subscription to the Artists magazine, exclusive savings, and access to many art resources, including The Artists Brain and ArtistNetwork TV.

  2. Dick Blick

    blick art materialsBlick Art Materials is one of the largest online retailers of art supplies, with over 60,000 available products. They carry paints, canvas, brushes, ceramic materials, easels, portfolios, sculpture materials, drawing, print making, and much more. Products are easy to find by doing a search, or by searching by department. Check out the Hot Deals of the Week and Clearance items to receive great savings on certain art materials. They also have free lesson plans, which are great for educators, and free art instructional videos.

    Special Time Limited Deals such as 15% off on orders $99 or more, and FREE shipping on $160 or more.

    FREE Catalog – They offer several free catalogs, which may also be downloaded by PDF, including the Blick School Catalog, Blick Studio Catalog and K-6 Classroom Catalog.

    Newsletter – Join their email list to ne notified about specials, sales, news and events.

    Refund Policy – 30 day return policy

    Payment Methods – Paypal, Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Discover, JCB, Diners Club, and Optima.

  3. Amazon

    amazon art has over a million results for the search term art supplies, sold by different retailers. There are several things about Amazon that I like.

    Customer Reviews – Many times previous buyers write a review of the product. This helps to hear about other people’s experience with the product.

    Supplier Ratings – Click on the name of the art supplier to see their sellers profile, which includes feedback rating and comments from previous buyers.

    Items are easy to find. - Just type the search term in the search bar above. Use the menu at the left to narrow down your search by brand and price.

  4. Jerry’s Artarama

    jerrys artaramaJerry’s Artarama is a huge online art supplier. They carry a wide range of art materials, including oil paint, artist canvas, framing and matting, pastels, paper, and much more.

    They also have an extensive resources section, with online art contests, art tips, product demo videos, product reviews, and more.

    Newsletter – To receive discounts and promotions

    Return Policy – 30 Day Refund Policy

    Payment Methods - Paypal, Checks, Bill Me later,  Money Orders, Visa, Mastercard, Amex and Discover Cards.

    I haven’t yet purchased anything from them. Any experiences with Jerry’s Artarama?

  5. Currys

    currys artist supplyCurrys is based in Canada, and carries over 20,000 fine art materials. I find it a little more difficult to find what I’m looking for here, but if you are a Canadian, I recommend this site over the others, mainly because of what you will save in shipping charges and customs fees.

    Newsletter – Free Artwise E-Newsletter

    Return Policy – 30 Day Return Policy for damaged items and those shipped in error

    Payment Methods: Visa and Mastercard

  6. Daniel Smith
    daniel smith artists materials
    Daniel Smith has a huge selection of artist materials, including watercolor, oil, acrylic, brushes, pastels, drawing, printmaking, art books, and much more. They also have an extensive resources section with art tips, articles, tutorials, etc.

    Art Contest – Daniel Smith holds an annual art contest

    Newsletter – YES!

    Return Policy – 90 Day Refund Policy

    Payment Methods: Visa, MasterCard, Discover Card and American Express

  7. Ebay 

    Ebay is a great place to search for art supplies. I receive much of my oil paint from there. Recently I ordered 53 tubes of Rembrandt oil paint from Ebay and only paid $193 plus shipping. I speak about my experience in this post: How to Use Ebay to Find Great Deals on Art Supplies

Have any of you purchased anything from these online art suppliers? How was your experience with them?

Would you recommend an online art retailer not listed here?

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  1. I have used Dick Blick alot over the years as they have a varied supply selection. They have stuff for the Fine Artist, the Graphic Artist, the Sign Painter ( I know because I have done all 3 for over 30 years). Never had any issues with their shipments.
    I also like to hit Craigslist every so often to search for supplies and have found on several occasions great deals from people who have tried various mediums and given up and decided to get rid of their supplies at a huge discount.

  2. I use Jerry's Artarama all the time and have never had a bad experience with them. Their prices are competitive and their products always arrive well packed and all in one piece. I have ordered big ready-made canvases and frames and they have always arrived in perfect condition. I would highly recommend them.

  3. @George Pedro
    Thanks George for mentioning Craigslist.. that's one place I haven't tried, and will have to check into soon.

    @Stephanie Holznecht, fine artist
    Thanks for sharing your experience with Jerry's Artarama.. always great to have you here!

  4. Check out Artist Supply Warehouse at and Utrecht Art at Both of them send discount coupons and offer free shipping with a minimum order.

    I also purchase NOVA paints and mediums from -- they sell quality acrylic paints and mediums at excellent prices.

    I've tried Jerry's Artarama and Dick Blick too and highly recommend them both.

  5. Quite useful Article Thanks for the Information.

  6. @JJ Jacobs
    ASW is a good supplier. Their prices are sometimes ridiculously low. So look for those specials. Everything is shipped beautifully and even back orders come in a reasonable period of time. Blick is more expensive. Will try Craigslist.

  7. Thank you for this, I live in a small town and I'm often unable to get to a store myself so I am stuck ordering online. You're right that ordering in bulk is the best solution. One that is not on this list but often offers specials for us artists (gotta love a paint supply that puts us first and has quality paint) is Davinci Paints as they have a wide variety of art supplies online and for if you send them a used tube they will donate paint to children in need which benefits me and a good cause!

  8. I also use Nova Color Paints. They are affordable and they are super nice people to work with! Online I also use Dick Blick for certain things & I am lucky to have a Jerry's Artarama in town!

  9. Hi Graham,
    Thanks for this collection, I bought most of my art supplies from because of the unbelievable discounts they offer. And also the good service.

  10. Hi Graham,
    Thanks for this collection, I bought most of my art supplies from because of the unbelievable discounts they offer. And also the good service.

  11. I am a full time artist, painting, drawing, quilting, and I originally purchased “super scissors” from a company called Evergreen Art Supply on amazon for my quilting. I was very pleased (they’re still sharp to this day!). Since then i have continued to order from then and have had nothing but good experiences!

    Their colored pencils are amazing also!

    Highly recommended!

  12. Jerry’s Artarama has been my favorite place to pick up art supplies at a great price! I always buy things in bulk from them. Another company I enjoy is you guys might be interested. I could not find them in stores yet, but they are my favorite brush holder.


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