artists at facebookRecently, I shared a post about 3 Successful Artist Pages at Facebook. At the end of that post, I asked readers to answer 3-4 questions and submit their own Facebook pages to be featured here. I received quite a few submissions, so I will be posting these in sets of 2 or 3.

I have written about marketing and selling art through Facebook quite a bit over the past few months.



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Facebook Artist Pages

  1. Laura Miller

    laura miller facebookMy formal education is in nursing and throughout the years I have attended art classes and workshops to find my visual voice. Painting (acrylics on canvas) allows me to use my creative talents to maintain a healthy work life balance. I am working to build and transition to an art business. I have just recently started to sell my artwork so I am the new artist on the scene.

    I describe my painting style as "graffiti charm" because I love to combine traditional subjects with a graffiti flair....tradition with a twist!

    In my paintings, you will see deep layers of dynamic drips, splatters, stencilling, etching and spontaneous graffiti marks in all colors. Much of my mark making is done with tools other than my paintings extra interest with a variety of unique marks.


    How do you promote your art through Facebook?
    • Share my artwork regularly

    • Share my blog posts regularly

    • Have a landing tab that generates “likes”

    • Reply to comments

      Please keep in mind that I’m new to this.


    • Do your research on what you can do on Facebook

    • See what others are doing

    • Have an implementation plan

    • Subscribe to art business websites such as Artpromotivate to keep up to date of all social media

    • Be yourself

  2. Michelle Andres

    michelle andres facebookI'm a newer artist, but have a background in business.

    Michelle Andres began her artistic journey through the world of mosaics. Her first love, she works with vitreous glass, stained glass, tile, natural and found objects as well as some mixed media mosaic work.

    In 2011 another addition to the palette was added, as a passion for collage and mixed media emerged. Mixed media work includes acrylic, fabric, natural and found objects, handmade papers and encaustic - a beeswax medium that is unique and lends itself to depth, texture and interest.

    Michelle has studied with the Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland, California as well as with mosaic artist, Susan Crocenzi in Grass Valley, California. Her influence for mixed media has been mentored by Pat Lambrecht-Hould.

    The path traveled during the creation of art, whether it be mosaic, paint, collage or mixed media is like life. Michelle’s work begins with a sense of wonder and joy. The beauty of a piece, much like that of a person, reveals itself through the process of “getting known. “  Surprises emerge and lessons are learned.  The process is one of joyful expression and wonder much like the way she tries to live everyday life.

    Promotion - I promote my art on my Facebook page by sharing pictures and processes. I make it a point NOT to flood my friends with my artwork and pleas of "buy this" but to show artwork about 20% of the time I post. Often they want to buy it. I link my blogposts to my page, and share interesting posts from others. I have created groups for other artists and they are open to the public and promote events and good work there. I enjoy, and make a point of sharing the good work of others. My page also has links to my website and my Etsy shop -

    Advice for other Artists -
    Be part of your online community. Forge relationships, have fun, share information. Spend the bulk of your time building brand recognition through light touches to your online community. Shameless self-promotion is boring. Give friends things they can use, information, ideas, smiles. Show your best work and sell it as part of all the other "business" you do.


Want Your Facebook Page Featured Here?

If you would like to have your Facebook page featured here in a future article, please submit answers to the following questions.

  1. What is your name and Facebook page?
  2. Please include a brief bio about yourself in your own words.
  3. How do you promote your Facebook page?
  4. artist emailDo you have any advice to share with other artists?

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