A Facebook like is valuable for many artists on Facebook. But, what does it mean when a person likes a page? When a person likes your page, they are telling you that they like what they see.

facebook pages from artistsThey want to be notified of your updates and maybe even interact with you. Without that interaction the page is almost worthless.

It’s the same as not showing up at your own gallery exhibition opening. If an artist does not show up at their own art show (never heard of this actually happening), they would appear complacent and uncaring about their fans.

The same impression may be given for Facebook pages with little interaction and activity.


I have been featuring Facebook pages at Artpromotivate and have been accepting submissions. Please refer to the end of this article for instructions on how you can be featured.


Artists with Facebook Pages


Renie Britenbucher

renie britenbucher artI am a painter from NE Ohio. I am a mostly self taught artist and have been painting professionally for about 35 years with my focus being selling online for the last 12 years. I sell in some different venues such as Imagekind.com, Etsy.com for originals, and more. I also have some licensing contracts with a few companies. One is Immaculate Baking Company and they feature my artwork on 2 flavors of holiday cookies and I am also the featured artist on their pie crust packaging.


I love my online business as I've gained so many great customers from all over the country and also several international countries. This is something an artist could not do prior to the opportunities online.

I promote my art through Facebook by doing as much promoting and posting as I can. I post whenever I have new artwork either on Ebay or on Etsy. I also do some contests where I've given away small originals and some prints and tiles. I list whenever I have new art news. I also post photos that customers send to me of my artwork in their homes (which I love to see). I also share thoughts and photos that I think are interesting. I really push myself to promote through Facebook because I've seen some great payoffs. And, another benefit I love is getting to interact and know my customers.

Advice I would give other artists on Facebook is to keep on keeping on. It takes tremendous dedication and stick-to-it-iveness to make it work. I am still pushing hard and I'm not new at the game. More advice I would give is to ask questions. I've been blessed with some great artist friends I've met over the years who have been beyond supportive and I try to give back the same way things were given to me (advice, how to do things, etc.).


Keri Keene

keri keene still life artI live and work in Florida, where I was born and raised. I moved to California for a couple of years which helped me grow professionally and personally. Throughout my journey in life, art has always been a passion of mine.

I’ve had the pleasure of watching and learning from my mother who is also a self-taught artist. Although my mother and I tend to paint different subjects, I credit much of my knowledge to her, and continue to build on what she’s taught me.



I draw my inspiration from everything around me....the shine in a brass candlestick, the texture of icing on a cupcake, or the shape of a ceramic vase. It's usually little things that cause the artistic stir inside me, then I have the challenge of creating a composition that tells the story.

How do you use Facebook to promote art?

I have an Etsy account to sell my art (www.etsy.com/shop/ArtbyKeriKeene), a website (www.artbykerikeene.com), and a blog (www.kerikeeneart.blogspot.com) and use all of these to try and consistently tie them together. In my Etsy profile I include a link to my Facebook page in addition to using the teams on Etsy to promote my page (www.etsy.com/teams). When commenting on other blogs I make sure to include my Art by Keri Keene name with my Facebook URL; when commenting most blogs will allow you to choose a profile name, if it does it will also allow you to add a URL. This way if someone clicks on my name in the comments it will direct them to my Facebook page.

What advice do you have for artists on Facebook?

Take great pictures and have a good main page photo. I would also say to keep a consistent theme between all of your marketing efforts (website, Etsy, Facebook, business cards, etc.). You want to make sure people recognize your art no matter what website they're viewing it from.


Full Art Spectrum 

full art spectrumWe are a growing community of artists creating a new art scene free of the common barriers which inhibit artistic expression.

I personally have been running this group for a year. I am interested in promoting local artists help them break through in our community and beyond.

Promotion: I generally try to promote the group on several different social media platforms and with quarterly art shows.

Advice: Work with or create groups in your area and network, network, and network.


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  4. Advice for Facebook artists.

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